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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by kELTIC, Jun 9, 2007.

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    I haven't mastered the pic thing so I'll keep this simple. We're building a retaining
    wall in front of an old home. The wall is following the gentlely curving sidewalk, and we are also doing a set of steps up to the homes concrete step. The existing step is not square to the side walk, this will result in the walls flanking the steps in joining the retaining wall in either more than or less than a 90 degree angle. The product is Pisa II and I'm debating how to form these two corners at the street. The two faced corner units seem to dictate a 90 , and I'm not sure how to change this angle slightly. I realize I haven't explained this well, but if you have any advice I thank you. Cheers FMK
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    You can split to whatever angle you need. I have not used the product you mention but unless there is something preventing you from slitting it I'd go that route, if you don't have a splitter, score it top and bottom with a saw and break it with a chisel, then chip the edges you cut with your chipping hammer.
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    Pisa II is the block that I use 9 times out of 10, if you have a corner with an angle that is more or less than 90 degrees you have to be creative, you can split the corner but that will leave you without the tapered edge and it will stick out when you look at it. I tend to use the tapered units to build off angle corners, just cut the notch off the tops of the block below and glue them together, this way you have your angle and it looks like nothing odd happened.
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    thanks, I know what u mean. I'm thinking leave the wall at 90 and make a gentle curve to the step. make it all pretty. Cheers FMK

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