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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by neversatisfiedj, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. neversatisfiedj

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    Do you guys have a drainage outlet every 50 feet for retaining walls? How do you outlet it? Bring the 4" perf pipe out, or do you core drill the blocks? just wondering. I usually space my block and even my perf pipe with block, but its not that appealing looking.
  2. thepawnshop

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    Is there a solution for this does not look bad? Where can you buy something that looks a bit "nicer"? I have to put in a 175' x 4' wall and need to put some outlets in. I will be using Rockwood, btw.

  3. Mike33

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    I have got away with placing a 4" pref behind first course. Of course all walls are diff. and not there to see yours and what is behind it makes it tough to comment. I do every thing possible like maybe cut a swail behind the wall to take off the load. Every wall i build has 1-2'of stone for footer and running the pipe i feel is fine just make sure you can drain it some where. Also remember water follows the gravel real well . That wall i would backfill 2-3 ' of gravel and place pref. pipe and you should be fine. I use allen block they are holow core adding stone inside each block i like this better than a solid block. These block are also made to drain if neccessary. My opinion!
  4. Pavers Plus

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    if you want/need to daylight the pipe through the wall, core drilling through the block with a 4 or 5" core bit looks pretty sharp.....then find a grate that fits over the hole. looks better than the square cuts many use with a round pipe. You'll want to predrill the holes if possible with a drill press, otherwise, you can rent a portable core drill and drill into the wall.
  5. DVS Hardscaper

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    Ok, how bout if we back up here.

    Yes, retaining walls need what are referred to as "Drainage Chimneys"

    Which in turn will have pipe to route the water away.

    However, a properly designed and engineered retaining wall should not necessarily have water making it to that drain,

    See, a drainage chimney is NECESSARY, however they are for last resort. The water should be routed away before it even gets close to the wall system.

    I have had clients say "no water is comin out of those pipes". And reality is - if all is properly designed - there should be NO water comin through those pipes!

    For the record, let me say, yes there are applications where routing water away from the wall system is not a possibility.

    We usually just install the drain pipe / tubing and daylight on both ends.
  6. Mike33

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    I agreee, i call the pipe my 39.00 ins. policy and in few cases will not see water come out. Seen it in a rare case 4" rain i 45 minutes 2 years ago my customer called me and told me good job. ( that dont happen to much customer calling back for compliment ) If you have enough gravel bhind ther for water to filter it will not pile up enough to soak in to a 4" pipe. The 4' wall this guy is talking about i would not think of a good reason to run pipe thru the face of the wall. We are building 1 now 135'x 6' with 400' of mountain above it, we went 6' above wall and cut a swail . I feel there the only water that will even get to the wall is the 6' area between the swail and the wall. We are appling 3-4' of 57s behind the wall and the other 2' with shale and gridding 100% every 3 courses using allen block.

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