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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by mags, Jul 22, 2010.

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    I am going to bid a job for a wall approx. 3foot high by 25 foot long ,it is along a driveway that they are going to get paved eventually . They have a sandstone wall there now that is falling apart ,they want the new wall moved back a couple of feet so they can pull two cars down side by side. What do you guys think I should bid this at using average price interlock block . The wall is more for looks and is really not holding soil back ,I am going to put in drainage. Thanks
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    sq ft x 1,00000000000000.00 should get you close
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    We need a new category called "Dude, what should I charge?" so all of these posts will be in one place.
    Not to pick on you, Mags, but this type of question always has the same answer: only you can decide what you should charge.
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    yeah what he said...not to be a cheesed ck about it thats excally the point....find out your sq ft, find your overhead and profit margins and pending on desperate you are thats where you should be.....but thats something you only can choose cuz your in a different market than all of us!
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    I at least double my materials cost and play it by ear. If I want the job real bad if I'm slow, I'll take a little less then 40%-50%. If it's a hard job and I need to hire somebody for the day, then I'll try to get 50%-60% over materials.
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    worst advise ever
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    Most likely, If you can't figure out how to estimate a project you might think about passing on the project.
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    We use a JD retaining wall placer so we'll knocked out a couple of a day. Its a costly machine but with Igor running it we've the world by the tail.
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