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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by LBCAK, Mar 18, 2013.

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    Hi everybody, have been reading here for a long time, but I believe this is my first post.

    I have a new customer that wants me to take care of a few trouble spots in his front yard, but is having a hard time explaining exactly what he wants. I'd like to go back to him with a few ideas.

    The first pic here is of the transition from sidewalk to yard. There is about an 8" difference between sidewalk and actual yard, mostly due to a tree, a very large tree, so leveling the yard with the sidewalk is out of the question. Any ideas?


    The second picture is a ditch eroding away at the yard towards a raised garden. The bricks are just set there to try and slow it down. Personally I think it looks like crap, I feel like it needs something done on both sides of the ditch, anyone have any pictures of "retaining" walls that might work in this situation and look decent? Or other ideas maybe?


    The ditch actually runs for about another 30 feet, the erosion isn't bad over there because the grass has been growing over there for 30 years. Homeowner says he has tried planting new seed in the past, but the dog and the birds dig it up.

    This is a new adventure for me. I am primarily lawn maintenance and custom gardens, but I would be interested in expanding my abilities. Who knows, maybe this guy has friends with equally crappy yards!

    Thanks everyone in advance!
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    -Bump- Nobody? Anybody?

    I have found a few retaining walls that look nice, but they aren't built to hold water back from dirt. Are there any differences in build techniques between the two?
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    Build a retaining wall out of block on the first picture, just make sure roots from the tree will not be a issue. On the second picture i would suggest using outcropping boulders to retain and landscape rock to act as a ground cover.

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