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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JFF, May 22, 2008.

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    Since we have been discussing it here off and on, I thought I would share some pix of some weed cloth I had the bad fortune to remove from a customers yard this morning.

    First, a disclaimer. I am not licensed (anymore) to use pesticides. A problem I will soon be repairing. I cannot provide the level of detail I would like without it. I told myself I could deal with subcontractors, but this one yard (and sub) has changed my mind and has me brushing up for the test.

    These pix look BAD. The yard looks BAD. AND I have had it for over 6 months. So what is the problem? I will get to it after the weed cloth pix.

    Bermuda running wild over, under and through the useless stuff. Runners look like piles of boiled spaghetti under there!
    Better shot of runners. Pulled back the cloth, this is what was waiting for me.
    Just so you can be certain it gets through the cloth, here is some hanging up from a fence.
    There is not supposed to be anything green in this area besides shrubs. When I took over the yard, I had no idea there was anything planted in this area it was so overgrown. You can see a spot where I pulled the cloth back to find plant material clearly growing beneath the cloth. For those of you wondering, the cloth has only been down 2-3 years. If water can get through, fiberous roots can too and after that, it is all over.

    Now to the maintenance problems. As I said, the yard was trashed when I took it over. Its a $400,000 house in a very nice neighborhood. Before me, the owner was paying "top dollar" for a 4 man crew to "maintain" it. They mowed the 5000 square feet of grass out front and fled the scene for 2 years or so, never doing any work in the back yard. That is what I walked into. Some of you may still blame me. I understand.

    Now, to bash the franchise who has the "weed control" account. The owner of the weed control company lives a few doors down from my customer. Thats right, he is a neighbor! He has been signed up for the service since the sod was installed. And yet, this yard is a mess. I have spoken to the guy, made an appointment and discussed it all with him late last summer. Showed him everything that needed to be taken care of. "Will do." he said.

    Dormancy rolls around, no weed spray. I call him to ask what happened. First he says he "forgot," then he tells me he is AFRAID TO DO THE WORK! He talks about Bermuda running through shrubs, the dangers of round up, etc. Which I understand to some extent. Except, in the condition the yard is in now, it is either try to reclaim it or total renovation. I told him "Fine, just spray the Bermuda with fusillade or poast and I will deal with the rest. "OK" he tells me. "As soon as it starts to green up."

    Its nearly the end of May, and the guy has still not done any work. To add insult to injury, they came to fertilized the yard this morning before I got to the yard and left a yellow sulfur coated halo of fertilizer on the street, the walks, driveway.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble. I am going to fix this yard if it bankrupts me! Thought someone might enjoy the weed cloth pix.




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    I really don't understand what all the comotion or ranting is about on this one...weed fabric is crap... I know you didn't put it in and it shows the company that did this misled the customer if they suggested it. I know this has been brought up before, but if a bird drops seed on the wind blows seeds into the mulch on top, or they just throw mulch on mulch on mulch, this is the result. I guess the bottom line is... this is the HO's fault for slacking off on his maintenance. If a company doesn't get the job done it's ludicrous for a customer to not stop service immediately and pursue another company, but by no means should you "go bankrupt" b/c of your sense of standards. I commend you for the mentality you have towards shoddy work, the industry needs more LCO's with that mentality. However, you're in business to make a profit, not to be the deadbeat contractor police.

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