Want a $300/month account in Tampa?

Discussion in 'Network: South' started by justanotherlawnguy, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. justanotherlawnguy

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    I just lost a $300/month monster because It was too much for me, so If anyone is interested, let me know. It is in Odessa, it is about 1.5-2 acres, complete full service (except spraying). It is on a Lake. TONS of trimming.
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG driveway and front is Bahia. Front of House and back is St. Aug. Not alot of Beds. Few Palms to trim, but they are easily reached with a 12 foot Power Pruner. Some hedges.

    I just lost the account today, so he is looking for new service ASAP.

    You definately need 2 guys at the minimum, probably 3 to knock it out in a reasonable amount of time.

    Best part about it, He does not care if it is done on Mondays!!!!!!!!!!

    Please respond to post or PM me with name/bus name/contact#.
  2. kleankutslawn

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    im interested. im Reggie w/KLEAN KUTS LAWN CARE INC.(813)785-0851
  3. michindi

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    I am interested in this job and it I could do it on a monday or a friday. Larry 813-494-0511

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