Want a system to handle 4 acres.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Albery's Lawn & Tractor, Oct 9, 2007.

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    This would be for our own property. We have about 6.5 acres and after subtracting both shops and 3 homes its about 4 that I would like to work with. We seeded about 7 years ago, and have done some fert apps. The yard is doing ok but with such a dry summer I would really like to add a irrigation system. It will be metered, The front is about 2.5 acres, perfectly square. This is my main focus for now as the other 1.5 is a side yard that I will focus on later. For the 2.5 acres how many heads, zones, and how much pressure would you recommend? The rainbird products is pretty much the only one available here. I'm assuming I'll have to run atleast 2.5" pipe, so would it be better to connect into my water supply out towards the meter (125' from house) or connect closer to the house? Oh, and if you can't tell after reading this, I do not do irrigation systems for a living. Thanks for any help.

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    What size meter and what is your current pressure? Be careful about assuming. It's a math problem that can be done with a great deal of accuracy.
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    330' x 330' approximately?

    How fancy of a system do you want to install?

    Are there perimeters that need consideration, i.e. streets, drives, houses, fences, etc?

    How many hours a day in midsummer do you want to water or are restricted to?

    How many GPM and what is the PSI at this 2-1/2" line?

    There are MANY more questions that are not condusive to even begin to answer your question. My suggestion is that you contact an irrigation designer in your area who can actually look at the property and start coming up with the multitude of variables that might actually be involved in installing a quality irrigation system.
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    I wholeheartedly agree, it would first goto a supply house and let them know you would be purchasing supplies from them and you may be able to get a free design out of it. Did a 5 acre system some years ago and it ran fine with a 2" main with 1.5" valves.
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    One might be tempted in an area that rarely requires supplemental water to use QCV's instead of a full blown system.
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    One suggestion that I would make is to calculate approximately how much water a system like that might consume. I believe that you are using city water and to water five acres with city water could get very expensive. My lawn is two acres and I water it alot, my calculated water usage for this year is nearing one million gallons. ;)
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    That is downright sad. :cry: :cry: Get rid of some of that turf man.
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    Lot's of people have hobbies that are expensive and wasteful, I guess that mine is no exception. If you have a big powerful motorboat or a large expensive SUV all of those things utilize precious natural resources much like my 2 acre lawn, I guess that it is different strokes for different folks.
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    Hey kiril-

    Can we please put your NON turf campaign on Ice for a little while?

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    :::fires up motor home::::

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