Want input on software idea for tracking, routing, etc...

Discussion in 'Lawn Care Business Management' started by smallstripesnc, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. TPendagast

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    Job costing
    Multi day project tracking (percent complete , inventory used vs estimated)
    Multiple crews on the same job site tracking
    Crew hours direct to payroll hours
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    I strongly advise you to not do that. I switched from QX to Workwave and stopped using it after a month ewven though I am locked into a year contract, the aggravation was not worth it. three plus day to transfer data; jobs get transferred but their properties are changed, what was a non billable job suddenly became billable; drag and drop rescheduling to discover that the PROGRAM decided that jobs looked similar and permanently merge them! No thanks.
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  3. Sandy Toole

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    What are you using then? Any recommendations?

    Thank you,
    Sandy Toole
    Nature's Way
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  4. Henry

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    I'm also searching for software for my business since the one I use will cease to exist soon. Are you familiar at all with Qxpress? It works very well for me but none of the packages I've demo'd can schedule work the same way.
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  6. Sandy Toole

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    I use QX and have to change as well. QX has print in advance invoicing for our spray division (state required) and zone base for pulling spray route.

    I have researched Service Auto, Workwave, Real green and Hindsite.

    Service auto does not have print in advance invoices.

    Workwave is to new. Don’t think it is a good fit.

    Real green is expensive and you are required to use their stationary/invoices etc.

    Hindsite looks decent but mobile only.

    I am open for suggestions!
  7. tdoeizreal

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    I would double check that. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure they do have the ability to print invoices to send out with the tech.

    And is it state law to leave an actual invoice? And does it have to be on paper? Or is it some sort of statement of service detailing what, where, and/or why you performed a service? Is emailing the invoice not legal?

    Times are changing. I know KS just put out new guidelines for electronic record keeping.
  8. tdoeizreal

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    I just checked, you can print invoices in advance
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  9. Sandy Toole

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    They have a print before you go invoice but the invoice will post revenue and receivables without being marked complete.

    We have 2900 customers and not all allow us to email. And without getting them an invoice we would have to mail. Increases postage and does not meet Ky laws.
  10. Sandy Toole

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    Yes you can print in advance. The problem is the invoices will post revenue and receivables to QB without being marked complete in SA. SA also does not handle prepaid sales correct.

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