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  1. meets1

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    All you guys are knowledgable when it comes to who makes what mower etc. Anyone know where you can find the production numbers for units sold from one brand to the other. Say GM trucks vs Ford vs Dodge type of thing. IS there a website that constantly updates the numbers?
  2. rodfather

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    Only the manufacturers and distributors have an "idea"...that I know for sure.
  3. 6'7 330

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    My dealer sez ,Toro/ Exmark dominate sales in the commercial mower segment.
  4. rodfather

    rodfather LawnSite Fanatic
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    Correcto mundo there big guy, eXmark is #1 in ZTR's sold and was told that flat out by a high ranking authority of a certain manufacturere of them (Z's that is).
  5. meets1

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    Kinda funny about the toro/exmark thing. Today I was at my dealer getting a back plate for a trac vac engine - and TORO rep was in there. A little chit chat and then I asked about mowers - toro/exmark. Anything new such as front deck design, stander, etc. EXmark is still higher priced by a few dollars but there finance program is awesome compared to Toro's right now and there the same company that does the financing. No not really was his reply. I then asked about the numbers - he said this year TORO outsold EXMARK as the #1 Z. Although he did express concern about the big box store's and that could be bad for TORO and good for EXMARK.

    I guess - why not start selling chevy's in big box store and keep the GMC's as PROFESSIONAL GRADE??!!! +)))

    That is what this dude said but as usual in the shop - talk is cheap!
  6. Richard Martin

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    Among the true name brand mower (Exmark, Toro, DC, Hustler, Gravely etc.) I believe it all comes down to availability. Whoever has the most dealers is going to sell the most mowers. In my area Grasshopper has a strong presence. Why? Because they have a dealer here. I see none, zero Scags. Why not? Because there isn't a dealer here. It's also about popularity. Right now Exmark is the darling of the industry. They're fast, flashy and always have something new on every new year model. In time someone else will step up and become the favorite.

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