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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LFalcon426, May 24, 2006.

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    My husband started his business a few years ago as a side job. After obtaining a few commercial accounts and twenty something residentials it's become more of a full time job. The commercial accts we have were basically handed to us because friends owned the companies. I've joined our local Chamber of Commerce and sent flyers/letters to each of the members, advertised in the local paper, but that has only brought residentials.
    This may sound stupid, but how do you get commercial accounts?!!!
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    I plan to launch a major defensive this December, because I've been told most commercial accounts are up in January. (I could be wrong.) I'm gonna open the phone book at "A" and start calling local businesses and asking when they will be accepted bids for the upcoming season, write the info down and then go do a bid!
  3. I've only had results from going to the businesses in person. I give the receptionist a flier and ask if I can speak to the person in charge of having the lawn mowed.
    Then check back, again and again.
    Ask your current clients if you can give them as a reference.
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    The best luck that I have had down here is hitting the commercial accounts with, lack of a better term, a res'ume of the company and myself near the end of August or early September. There obviously is not a set month when all contracts are up but September seems to be a prime month here.

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