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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LASTEC, Sep 9, 2005.


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    Want more lawns to cut? I've been in the green industry for almost 20 years now, 14 years as a cutter past 5 years i've been been wreck & destroy new products here at lastec. I'll tell you one way you can grow you cutting route and profits.

    1) you have to have something the customer want's.. what do most of your customers want? they want there lawns to look like a golf coures. you need a niche that sets you apart from the rest.

    2) Let's face it. It's about money, that's why your in business, you need to capture every opportunity to increase your profit. What equipment opportunities are there out there that will increase your productivity? really think about this, is there one ztr brand over any other that will increase your productivity and create a niche for your business. Let me know if you find one and if you do you should buy that one.

    3) Marketing is a big part of growing, but when you market are you marketing your niche? Do you have a niche?

    4) Here's a marketing example: "White's Landscaping we cut your lawn with X-brand mower" boy that's going to make the customer pay alittle more for you service. Now check this out. "White's Landscaping we Groom your lawn with The Articulator used on thousands of golf courses world wide" Just an example.

    You may think i'm trying to sell you a mower? Not really you'll have to go to your dealer for that. Just trying to help you cutters and dealers that are caught up in the rat race of me too ztr's understand there is something more out there that can help you create a niche, increase profit and productivity.

    Let me know what you guys think, we really count on you to learn more.
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    i hate it........
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    Actually, because branding of commercial equipment does not extend to the general population in most instances. Mentioning a brand in your advertising would only generate any sort of recognition if you were speaking of mass marketed companies that sell extensively to the homeowner market, i.e. Toro, Honda, John Deere. The rub comes when you use a name that they recognize in this manner then they begin to associate your equipment with something they can buy and use themselves, an interesting catch-22. It would be nice for equipment companies everywhere for their users to help build their brands gratis, but realistically, results will be the only path for that. Contractors will see what other contractors are doing and the equipment they are using to get those results. The same paradigm at play when a customer sees your work as a contractor and desires it for themselves. Customers don't care what brand of equipment you use, any more so than they care if you drive a Ford, Chevy or Dodge, They care that you show up when you are supposed to and deliver the service as promised for the agreed on price.

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    Your right,
    more then likely they don't care about a brand name, but they do care about the quality of cut and home owners and contractors watch other contractors to see what they use to cut with. If a home owner wanted there lawn cut with a golf course quality mower that would not scalp or dip but contour to the turf, what mower is out there that could do that? there is not any out that can make that claim other then The Articulator. I'm just making an example of one way i think a contractor could create a niche for his cutting business. You want an edge over any other commercial mower on the market hands down. get on an Articulator.

    The Articulator cutting system not only gives a contractor an edge with equipment productivity and cut quality, but also creates a marketing niche for his business. who else can do that?

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    Hate is a strong word.. but i guess you got it all under control..
  6. Scotts' Yard Care

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    I can't see any way to cut a normal lawn like a golf course and have it look
    decent at all. I assume you don't mean literally like a golf course?
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    I've got people in homes that sell for around $200K (probably $400K up north) that hire guys with Murrays. Maybe that is the niche?

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    Not talking about the green or tee's but the surrounds, normally cut at 2" to 3" but need to be accurate and consistent with the cut height.

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    That's funny but true!
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    Most lawns we do will never look like golf coarses because of no irrigation, too much irrigation, No cooperation from clients or they just wont pay for us to do the right things. In my opinion, residential lawn care is a game of quantity now and in the future. Thats why were not groundskeepers were just lawn jockeys. Sure some are serious about there lawns and will pay, but most just want the minimum.

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