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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by dlandscaping, Nov 25, 2001.

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    i want a new ford truck or dodge for my landscaping business. i will be keeping this truck for a while and i really like the look of the 99 and up model ford trucks. i want an f250 or 350 extended cab 8ft bed and plowable. i know this is about $28000 or $30000 but i need reliable new truck and dont want to be screwed by old used trucks. i already have about 20 driveways lined up for plowing and a large parking lot and a smaller 10 car parking lot. so i go to the ford dealer next to a home depot(i was getting some barrels) and i tell the guy i want a new truck extended plow all that. he shows me a used 99 model w/33k miles on it. it is an f250 and extended cab but 6ft bed and they wanted 25000 for it! then he goes on to show me new f150 supercrews that u cant plow with and have about a 4 ft bed. it was a total waste of time for me. i saw about 10 new 250-550 on the other side of dealership and walked over myself and checked the tags. now on the same lot as the used f250 for 25000 was a 2002 f350 extended cab v10 for only 28000 i dont get it. i just needed to vent and these dealerships who are going to get about 35000 from me for a truck cant even get things right.
    does anyone use a newer ford to plow and how does it do?
    if i am looking for extended cab and long bed what size engine should i get? most driveways are about 9 ft wide so should i get an 8.5 for the few smaller but long ones or do i get the9 ft plow? fisher or diamond or curtis plow? since this dealer was a waste of time i ask you. the only thing he said was that the best truck to plow with was ford over dodge and chevy any truth to that? what truck do u guys recommend?
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