Want Thick, Lush, Resilient Neutron-Green Lawns ?

Discussion in 'Lebanon Turf' started by SOMM, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. SOMM

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    Lebanon Turf's revolutionary PAR-EX -brand of granular fertilizer blends will time release for 12 SOLID WEEKS for you, throughout any season of growth.

    Here's the 'kicker': the water insoluable nitrogen source time-releases only when in contact with rainwater or irrigation, preventing heat-surge growth during late spring & summer !! During rainwater or irrigation, the release is also timed.

    We alternate every other year between these 2 PAR-EX blends:
    24-4-12 and 10-18-22. Supurb results for either cool or warm season grasses.

    Lebanon Turf Parex site:

    Our Midwest Supplier for Lebanon Turf (and most all of our turf-equip & turf products):
    http://www.usturf.com/products/Fertilizer/fertilizer index.htm

    Need to contact THE independent Turf Expert for our industry about Par-Ex?
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    I definatley wish they had one around here. There is a Lesco that can ship me a bag of fertilizer because I only applicate on my own lawn (no license, YET!) I wonder if your distributor can ship a bag or two? That would be great.
  3. TClawn

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    the lebanon fertilizers are very good. best greening I have ever seen out of any brand.
  4. Grassmechanic

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    Revolutionary?? IBDU fertilizer has been around for over 20 years.

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