Want to build side walls for my 2500HD

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by peapod1125, Feb 23, 2013.

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    Hey all,

    I have a bunch of 1.5 x 8's and 1.5 x 6's left over from a project. I think they may be referred to as 2 x 8 or whatever. It is pressure treated too. I see a lot of guys with side walls on their pickup beds. I do not have a dump bed, but I haul everything in it. It is a 6 foot bed If anyone can give me any ideas that would be great! I was thinking 1 x 2 or 2x4 post then level and attach side boards, just doesn't seem sturdy. Thanks in advance
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    2x4 stakes and 2x6 or 2x8 sides. I used 2x4 to tie the front together, also used 2x4s so my helpers that can not use mirrors for backing can still see out the back without a big load. Get a sabre saw to notch the stakes in the bed pockets. I drove mine in tight with a rub mallet. Trust me if you do it that way and tie the front your worries of not been strong enuff will be put to bed.
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    I'm workin on doin the same thing to my 2500. Fabricating a back rack to hold onto the inside of the bed so that I can use the post hole pockets in the sides of the bed for 2x4's. got 4, 1x12's for the sides. 24 inches is slightly taller than your cab I'm pretty sure.

    You could do the same thing with your 1x6's for the sides and rip the 1.5x 8's in half and that might work for the pockets, or just buy a 12 foot 2x4 to cut into 4 posts.

    I would think about buying or fabricating a metal back rack. I know plenty of guys who've had to replace shattered rear glass due to them or an employee throwing a shovel, brick, log, hammer, what have you right through there. I'm gonna have everything covered with expanded metal except for a little cutout for the 3rd brake light. I also plan on getting a roll cover to mount across on a piece of pipe or something so I'm not having brush, grass, dirt or mulch blowing all over. I'll post pictures when I get it together. I'm using rough cut hemlock from a local mill for the sides. I've got it drying in my friends barn, gonna try to smooth it out a bit with a belt sander and throw some poly/stain on there so they it looks nice.

    Another thing I want to do for the posts is to get pins for the sides so I can lock them into place and make taking them on and off the truck easier for me to do alone without exerting myself too much.

    When you do get it done, post pics!:)

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