Want to build spray setup, where can I get all the parts?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ProLandscapes, Aug 4, 2003.

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    The only spray I use is for weed control

    Everything is Granular. Yes it does work and is effective. Honestly it is easier.
  2. It will cost you right around $2000 just for the parts to build a 200 gallon system with gas engine and power rewind hose reel.

    Then you add another $4-500 for the skid frame...

    You might as well buy one, than have to drill holes in a tank ($35 hole saw) build the skid frame, and all the other associated with building a system.

    Buy one and put it to work that day.
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    Glad to hear you weigh in on this one LGF, I thought you might....

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    GF I saw your post on another website in regard to spray setups. We are in the process of finishing our first setup and starting to build our second setup. Our first setup has a 325 gallon tank and our second will have a 550 gallon tank. Our biggest expense so far has been the pump which cost us $383.00 with shipping. It's a 5.5 hp honda with a 3" discharge.

    If you want a good source for parts check out www.dultmeier.com
    then figure out what parts you will need and go to the worlds online garage sale, Ebay.
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    Are you talking about a Hypro D30 with the 5.5 honda? If so, where did you get it because the cheapest I can find is over $1000.00. What are you using your setups for?

  6. Maybe on ebay, but that's a centrifugal pump not a D30.
    Note the 3" discharge.

    The 5,5 Honda costs that much about everywhere.

    A D252 with gear reduction and reg you can get for about $350 and it's perfect for lawn care.

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    put a 400 ft hose on it u will like it reaches everywhere
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    The reason we went with the centrifugal pump was versatility. It was for no other reason than that. A couple of Banjo cam locks and we can move the pumps all around. They don't have to be dedicated to our sprayer. In hindsight our next pump will have a 2" discharge to save money on reducer fittings. But that is just us being cheap. :D
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    Good earth,

    Do you use that for lawn spraying? Are you talking about a little honda trash/water pump? It actually sounds like a good idea but it seems like you would have allot of back pressure and pump wear. Either that or to much product is going down.

  10. The Good Earth

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    For lawn spraying the only thing you need to add is a pressure regulating valve. We use a tee jet control with the on/off switch and the water filled pressure regulating gauge. The whole kit with controller, on/off solenoid valve and a pressure regulating valve is $199.50. That is only for one discharge. They also make a 3 discharge kit for $288.00. Hope this helps.

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