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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mr Dane, May 13, 2005.

  1. Mr Dane

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    i am currently working as a mechanic at a large landscape firm for about 14 years now and i am thinking of going out on my own and i was going to start this year to get my clients up but my boss (owner) rewrote the handbook this year and said no moonlighting or you are terminated i also with the same company have been mowing lawns part time for about 8 of those years just asking for comments on my dilemma by the way before anyone asks about 20% of his mowing customers are saying they want me to mow there yards when i go out on my own just asking for comments thanks
  2. wbw

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    on this forum likes the idea of an employee leaving their current position to start their own business by taking accounts from the hand that has been feeding them for 14 years.

    Start your own business. Work your butt off, low-ball if you have to, whatever, just don't STEAL your bosses accounts. If you advertise and they call, well then they are fair game (they wouldn't call if they were happy). Just don't target his accounts. Best of luck.

  3. wrestlingcoach

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    Why Are You Talking To The Customers About Going Out On Your Own?
  4. Gravely_Man

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    Do what you have to do but if you did this to me I would not be happy. Just put yourself in your bosses' position for a while and think about that. If he (the boss) has a handbook that covers moonlighting then I am sure there is something about stealing accounts.

  5. Runner

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    This boss is wrong AND right. First, there should be NOTHING in any handbook about you going out and "moonlighting". What does this mean, that you can't earn a second income, too? What if you work on someone elses mower for them? Is this "moonlighting", too?
    On the other hand, I can see the part about the 20% of customers wanting you to take care of their account. You have no business mentioning anything to them that you are going out on your own. This all falls under a salesmanship thing. If one of those people happened to call you boss, and tell him that you are willing to do their lawn, what do you think your boss would say? What would YOU say if YOU were in that position?
  6. Mr Dane

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    i am not stealing his accounts the customers that want to leave with me are the ones that think the quality will go down if i leave i think the post about me advertising would be the best way for me to go i dont want to steal accounts and i am not going to low ball to get accounts either i look at it this way there is plenty of grass out there that needs to be mowed
  7. fyrewalker31

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    talk to your Boss and try to get him to possibly revoke the moonlighting thing. If he's a good boss he'll listen to a veteran employee like you. If not and you see that you are really losing alot of income by not doing the extra work and he wont revoke on the moonlighting then oh well for him then. still I think it would help if you told your boss about your decision to go out on your own and why and tell him you wont target his accounts and dont target his accounts. Then its a free market then. You'll be on your own with your own advertising and a clear concious, welcome to the scrub world, at least for a few months.
  8. tx_angler

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    Moonlighting? I suppose that means your boss has already determined how much money you can make per year. Does that mean you cannot own investment property, rental houses and cannot own stocks. Can't be a silent partner in another company? Can't play the lottery. What about the Thursday night poker game? Just what does he consider moonlighting?

    Many years ago, my dad told me "You work there because they need you, not because you need them. Never let them forget it." If they didn't have any work for you, you'd be history tomorrow. They are not lettting you work there because they are nice guys that feel sorry for you or your family. Its just business - treat it that way.

    Once you go out on your own and are making enough money to support your family you'll never ever work for someone else again!

    Good luck in your new venture and let us know how it works out.
  9. jbell113

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    The moonlighting thing is something that companies frowned upon back in the 60's and 70's.......your boss must be an old guy........you can do whatever the HECK you want on your time and he cant do a DARN thing about it But, DO NOT TAKE EVEN ONE OF HIS CLIENTS AWAY.
  10. tjgray

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    Right before we started our own and funds were really tight my husband considered going back to work for TGCL. They were going to hire him but told him he couldn't even think about starting The Other Side or even doing side work on his time off. Told him it would be a breach of contract....*he knew he didn't want to go back to work for them anyway :)*

    We tightened up, got The Other Side going, and now we take as many customers as we can from them.

    We were doing a lot of sub-contract work last year and would not even consider servicing one of our contractors customers.....but he sold to TGCL *don't even get me started on my feelings about TGCL* now we have no loyalties and everyones fair game :D

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