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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by J&JPROPERTY, Mar 3, 2002.


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    This is our second full season in the lawncare end of the business, the biggest problem we are having is picking up new clients, we have been targeting mostly commercial and association properties, this year we are handing out flyers to residential. My big question is how do you get your foot in the door with commercial companies or property management companies?

    We have been doing snow removal for several years, the companies we currently service have little or no green space to take care of.

    Thanks in advance for any help.:confused: :confused:
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    Its been my experience that you don't just jump into the commercial/corporate end of grounds maint. right away. It takes a few years for those acct. to come. Being its your 2nd season, It may be a little to fast to jump into that end. Not saying, you coulnt handle it, but some companies are looking for Landscape Co.'s that have been established for a few years. How to get in the door, PR... calling prop. managers, facilities managers, mailing direct to the sites. etc. and just waiting for answers back. One of my buddies just got a contract recently, and he has been mailing this site for 15 !!! years straight without an answer til recently !!! just keep on um and a call will come.
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    Towards the end of the mowing season, contact real estate management firms and tell them you want to be added to their bid list. They will/might send you a package with a list of their properties and what services they want performed in detailed. I have not dealt with many, but the ones that I have dealt with want your estimates turned in early (some by Oct. 31) for the following season.

    Happy Hunting!
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    Patience, and persistance will prevail. I know that's a lot of "P's" but it helps to make my point. You want to be patient, so as not to seem pushy. However you need to be persistant so they won't forget your name. Who know's they might get upset with their current LCO, or their current LCO might quit, and when the start looking for a new one, the first name in their head should be your's.

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