Want to hire, but... ???


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I want to hire a FT helper, but I want to make sure there is plenty of cash flow. I handle about 40 res. & 5 comm. lawns. Also have a contract with our city for people who won't/don't mow their grass. Sending me 20 plus every week, plus boarding empty houses. With all the "admin" things, I have a hard time doing this with a PT helper. I guess what I want to know is: How much work justifies hiring a FT helper? When you pay per hour, how mauch of the pay is usually productive? How long does it take to train a new guy (w/ and w/o exp.)?


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Only you can decide when the time is right to hire someone full-time. When you can't handle what you have on a daily basis or can't keep up with your schedule every week, it's time to hire. Pay varies, obviously, on experience. Good luck with that. My experience has shown me that everyone says they have experience, but, once on the job, they don't know $hi*! Believe it or not, every lawn/landscape business is difference, depending on of course, location, number of customers, size of jobs, weather, (you name it). Just remember one thing. If you're a solo act (which it sounds like you may be), when you go to hire someone, don't expect a whole lot. We've been looking all year and can't seem to find anyone with a driver's license, a social security number or experience. If you're looking for that "one person", 9 times out of 10 they aren't out there. Help is in serious demand right now (at least it is here in Maryland). From flippin' burgers to pumping gas to KMart to whatever, no one can find good, reliable, honest help around here. I wish you the best of luck. Not trying to be negative here but I've had a hell of a season.

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