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Discussion in 'Business Management' started by J Hisch, Mar 7, 2019.

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    In 2006 I purchased a solid irrigation company. It was started in the late 70's and changed hand from Father to sons. When I purchased the company the last of the sons was just burnt out. This company was solid and had a great rapport with their customers. It was a perfect marriage since I had a lawn maintenance company and a lawn care company. Now I could offer three services yet maintaining the Irrigation company name. I was able to cross sell their client base lawncare and maintenance. However that increased overall sales I wanted this company to do more. I completely did away with residential installs. I only would do commercial installs. Everyone, even the former owner thought I was insane. I said I'm going to focus on service work and put all my eggs in that basket. I got creative. I said why just visit twice a year at Start up and then at Shut down when the needs of watering change over the course of the season. Plus this increases water conservation because you are catching broken parts etc. I created service plans and sold my services that way.

    Elite Service: Was 4 visits 1. Activation, 2. Pre summer visit, Fall visit, 3. Winterization.
    Basic Service Plus: 3 visits 1. Activation, 2.Pre-Summer visit, 3. Winterization
    Basic Service: 1. Activation, 2. Winterization

    At each service we looked for inefficient operation, broken parts, set timers accordingly for the seasons changes. Now instead of seeing a customer twice a year as they had been doing and hustling to get to service calls. I Increase sales through service and added value to my clients.

    If you aren't doing this. I would start!
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    How did you go about implementing the new service plans? I am in the process of purchasing an irrigation business that sounds like it is a similar situation to yours, owner is tired and wants to retire, and he services all his clients twice a year.
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    Sell it by being servicing twice a years is inadequate as the seasons change so to the landscape watering requirements. Also sell it from the perspective if they have an issue rather than wasting water all season you are able to take a more proactive approach in the in the care and maintenance of their irrigation needs.

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