Want to learn more about outdoor kitchens.

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Doster's L & L, May 27, 2007.

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    I got a call from this lady who wants a "simple" (this may be a loaded word) Outdoor kitchen. She wants a colored concrete patio and she wants a veneered wall to enclose her wheeled grill. While we discussed all she wanted, I mentioned to her, why not also have a sink with plumbing and the works. I have worked with concrete making patios before, and i've also built retaining walls, but i've not bricked and veneered anything, nor do i have much experience with plumbing.

    My question is, will reading a book help me to give her all she wants with an outdoor kitchen? Or am I going to be better off subbing some of the other work that I don't know much about and try to learn from them as they work on this project?

    Thanks for your valued opinions.
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    HGTV will have an all day special on outdoor kitchens tomorrow, this might help with ideas.

    I will start my own outdoor kitchen tomorrow if rain lets up, it will be an L shape with a built in grill, plenty of counter space, using tile on top, not sure if i will brick the sides or stucco it with tile accents. As for water, I will tie into the outside hosebib.

    Good luck.
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    we have done several lately. we make the BBQ cabinaet out of concrete block and face it w/ cultured stone. I would sub out the plumbing and gas lines etc. lynx has some nice outdoor stuff.

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