Want to make some frikin cash?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Big Salmon, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Big Salmon

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    Sell cars for a year before you even think about strarting you own business. Dealerships are always looking for new blood to sell their product. Apply at a local dealership and learn from the best.....Scummy auto salesmen. I was one for a year, soley for the purpose to learn how to sell product. Even thought I knew everything about the lawn care industry ( worked 13 years in it), I still didnt have the balls to walk door to door and sell my services. I was very shy person and fought my fears to learn how to sell. I got a job at a large dealership and learned EVERYTHING about how to sell. The mangers were pricks, the finance people were pricks, my co workers were pricks for the first 3 months I worked at this dealership. I made it throught the initiation phase and became top seller in my 4th month. Everybody respected me after that. I was on my way to "great things", the head guys said and that day I quit. I knew I was ready to sell my expertise....lawn care. I have beeen in business for 2 years and gross over 300K, net 170. I could not have done this if it were not for the experience at the auto dealership I worked at. If I would have stayed at this dealership, I would have made a ton of money...BUT, Lawn care was my thing and I didnt want to work for "the man". You all can do it...Learn how to sell first and take off.....Im going to have another whiskey coke.Later
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    and your worried about 18 lawns???
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    Yah, 18 lawns = 2600 per month, =18,200 for the season. wouldnt that make you a bit irritated? It isnt that big of a deal, but taking a step backwards at this time of the year still hurts a ton. You got to understand Disaster...

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