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    I like either sodium hydroxide/butyl mix brushed on and rinsed or Potasium Hydroxide. Can't let it dry though. Or go to strong.
  2. CCPC

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    An easy butyl chem that works well that you can buy right off the shelf is Purple Power. Brush it on and rinse immediately with low/no pressure. Be careful what you drip it on because it can fade certain painted surfaces if the surface is dry, or not rinsed off quickly.
  3. Barry M

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    I thought I used low pressure at 3-400psi on vinyl siding, but Mike is the king of low pressure power washing.

    Barry Maddox
    Midwest Pro Wash
    Power Washing Goshen, IN and Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Contractor
  4. CCPC

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    That's what I use when I pressure wash exteriors in Jacksonville Florida, about 300-400psi.
  5. divine190

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    What about Jacksonville?
    What can be done to prevent the vinyl sidings from looking dry, except wax coat what would give them lustre?
  6. CCPC

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    That's where I run my pressure washing Company, Jacksonville Florida
  7. precisionpower

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    Barry, your website is the king of pressure washing websites! I use to use around 400-500 psi, but then by chance I called Mike K. Last year, and he knows his stuff. I now use 50-100 psi, get it done much quicker, and make alot more money!
  8. blake101

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    In your post you said you could clean up to three stories without leaving the ground. Could you tell me what kind of equipment, chemicals and nozzles you are using? Can you also clean the Roof (asphalt) with the same equipment and method? I have been reading that a lot of people use a 12v DC pump to apply the chemcals and to rinse, but, If you had, let's say a PW with 5.6gpm or 8gpm @ 3000psi could you not tone it down so it will work just as well, if not better? Or I'm I missing something here? It seams a lot of people have trouble with there 12v systems from what I have been reading on other sights, just thought a gas PW would work better and I do understand that you do not won't high pressure on the roof. Please be patient with me as I am new to all of this. If anyone else cares to chime in I am all ears. Thanks everyone.
  9. blake101

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    No need to answer my questions, just read the answers. thanks to Michael Kreisle.

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