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    Only way to clean a roof using a power washer and still beable to use low pressure is with an Xjet. Still not the best way to do it. The reason you can't just power wash it on is because by the time that you downstream on your chemicals it would be to weak of a mix. 12volt system will keep your mix good and strong.
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    What type of chemicals would you prefer in cleaning: vinyl, concrete, brick, and equipment?
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    I don't powerwash anything but my home and driveway, and some family's. My father bought a powerwasher about 10 yrs ago (a cheap $400 craftsjunk) and told me to powerwash his house (ranch style) and driveway(I had to teach myself). I buy a gallon of the vinyl-siding detergent or concrete detergent, mix it according to the directions, stick the suction hose of the powerwasher into the 5 gallon bucket and set the wand to dispense the soap. I spray about a 10 ft area or so and wait a few minutes then turn the wand to the powerwashing function and blast away, using a fan style pattern. BUT all the dirt doesn't come off...there are times where I have to actually scrub the siding with a scrub brush and then powerwash it. I did a friends home once..that hadn't ever been done. This house was only about 25ft off the road so the front porch was EXTREMELY filthy...I have never seen such filth. Looked like the house went mudding in the woods. I was going to clean all the windows for him but the outside was so filthy I suggested powerwashing it first. I spent like 5 hours just on the porch area which is like 10ft tall by about 50 ft long. How the heck are you guys cleaning these homes so fast and with no power? I certainly don't want to do this for a living, I leave that up to you pros...I just want to be able to clean my home, family, friends, and driveways.

    I plan to buy a machine from PRESSURETEK along with a surface cleaner(probably like a 4000 psi, 4-6gpm cold water unit).

    I have never been able to just apply detergent and then just rinse it off with garden hose-type pressure and get clean WHITE vinyl-siding. To do a 900 sq ft ranch (my dads) would take the better part of 4-5hrs, to get it clean, not halfassing it.

    I would appreciate some help here...as to what chemical to use and how to do it.
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    My recommendation to you would be the same I would give any home owner that does it themselves ... It would not be cost effective to buy the contractor grade equipment just to clean your own house. Your money would be better spent hiring a professional Power Wash Company to do the cleaning for you .... The equipment isn't cheap and I see a lot of people who don't know how to use the equipment that end up causing damage to the house. However, if you do go on to buy the equipment from PressureTek, Bob will be able to sell you some good cleaning solutions as well. Until then, if you want some more help, you can give me a call some time. I'd be happy to help.
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    You let the Bleach change the pigmet in the Mold?

    Does it effectively rinse the dead stuff off, I have seen the mold come back in a very short period of time.

    How about chems to prevent the mildew from coming back, up charges for that stuff.

    Alot of Landscapers have the license to spray chems. This whole roof cleaning indsutry could be huge in the landscapers add on.

    I see the future that Landscapers will be taking a piece of the pie.

    Good luck to all the roof guys!!!!!!!!
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    I agree Pat, network with these guys and take the Biz. Let them cut lawns and we keep pressure washing.
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    what is jomax M1
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    so im gathering that this in a not taped area of interest like theres good money to be maid, like i do field and brush mowing with a quad and mower and that not done alot so i get good buisness
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    This is a great thread!!

    Mike knows his stuff, he has helped me many times in the past (yesterday, LOL)
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    Hello Jason how have you been?

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