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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rcreech, Mar 4, 2008.

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    I carry water and mix my Three Way each PG fill.

    Right now I carry 2 - 2.5 gallon jugs with me of Three Way, and I hate pouring the jugs into the measuring container.

    It is hard to pour a full 2.5 into a measuring container without spilling or splashing some product.

    I know there are EZ pouring containers....but when you are using 50-60 oz/fill, they just don't work.

    I am looking to set up a 5 or 10 gallon container in the bed of my truck and pump the Three Way either into my measuring container OR I would really like to pump it directly into the PG with a calibrated meter.

    I have looked all over and have not found a good pump for a 5 or 10 gallon tank.

    Any of you got any ideas?

    How do you measure out your pesticide?
  2. ted putnam

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    Rodney, why do you not mix it directly into your nurse tank at the proper concentration and just pump directly into pg from the nurse tank? I thought that was how you did it. I was thinking you had a pump with agitation on your nurse tank? I guess not. If I ever go that route... I would think that would make things much easier on you!
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    Why dont you try a spigot that screws onto the jug itself. I have used them before and you can set it on the tailgate, and just open the spigot to pour into you measuring cup. Another idea is to buy a hand pump, like the ones that you would use to pump gas/diesel. They are fairly cheap at most farm supply stores. We typically mix on the go like you for our prolawn sprayers, and I often thought that a digital meter on an electric pump would work very well. Problem is it would cost quite a bit to set it up.

  4. Runner

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    Yeh, if you were going to do that spigot idea, the way to do that would be to attach t to the lid of the jug and flip the jug over on it's narrow side. This way, when in transport and not in use, the spigot is all the way at the top and not exposed to the concentrate, so the leak potential would not be there. I'm just not sure how well the spigot idea would work (speed wise) if he jug doesn't have a vent hole.
  5. Jason Rose

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    I use a good heavy 2 quart measuring cup for chemicals, bought it at Lesco a couple years ago. I don't have any problems pouring out of a 2.5 gallon jug into it. Actually I wish it was a 3 quart, because it never fails, it's always like 6 or 8 ounces too small... Problem with the measuring cup is that then it's coated in herbicide and then what do you do with it? Can't rinse it off into the PG tank, and I don't like the stuff to dry in there, or worse yet, get crud stuck in it that will end up in the tank.
  6. ted putnam

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    You guys are all listing these solutions with their potential problems, cost of set up, potential spills/leaks,etc... I'll admit, I spray with my pg and mix the same way you do but I do very limited spraying. If my ride on was my "exclusive" way of applying liquid products like I know it is for some of you, and you are using a tank for your water supply, why would you not mix your 3-way in the tank? If I were using a certain product like 3-way on virtually every lawn, that's the way I would do it. Then, if you need a particular product other than the 3-way, mix it on an individual basis. Seems like a "no brainer" to me. Maybe I just don't understand how you guys have your rigs set up???
  7. MStine315

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    I thought there were some laws about carrying concentrates, too. I mix in my tank and fill the rigs off that. My fill sheet is such that we mix in full 2.5 gallon quantities. i.e. 2.5 gal. herb. to x amount of water. That takes a lot of goof factor out and then we're only handling the concentrate once instead of however many times per day. I sure wouldn't want to do it that way, but to each his own.
  8. Grandview

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    I carry a 65 gal nurse tank. I only mix when I fill my permagreen or sprayer. If I get involved in an accident I would rather deal with a 12 gal spill than a 65 gal spill. I use a 48 oz measuring pitcher. I do not have problems with splashing and spills. Having the nurse tank clean with fresh water is the no brainer.
  9. PHS

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    Why not? If you measured say 20oz of product and poured it into the tank, all you did was put in 20oz minus the film (19.75oz?). Rinsing in the film isn't adding any more than the 20oz. you initinally measured.

    For something small like that a scientific chemical supply company like Fisher Scientific might have something useable. One of those volumetric bottle-top dispensers that could screw onto a 2.5 jug might work well too. I've seen them before for dispensing danger labeled materials but I don't know where to find them.

    This is kind of a low-tech option but for higher volume mixes I used to premeasure the materials at the shop into smaller service containers and then take the containers with me in the truck. I would usually fill enough containers to last a week or so.
  10. ted putnam

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    Good one Grandview. That is absolutely the only reason I can see for not mixing your chemical in your tank when you use the PG exclusively.

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