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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rcreech, Mar 4, 2008.

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    In the past I have been using my homemade "skid" type unit with two 50 gallon tanks, 1 pump and 1 hose reel.

    I love this unit! I can carry 100 gallons of water to tender my PG or I can carry 50 gallons of water and use the other tank for insecticide (trees and perimeter pest) and then pump over more water as needed etc.

    The only thing I wanted to add was a little tank (20 gallon) so I can spray broadleaves if needed on hills or hard to get areas.

    I came up with a system where I can still run my two 50 gallon tanks, but I can now also transfer water over to my 20 gallon tank and spray broadleaves which will have its own dedicated pump and hose reel also. I had to order a custom 20 gal tank to make it fit well.

    The broadleaf system will be totally seperate so once in the tank it will have no way to get to the two 50 gallon tanks.

    It is really a very simple design, but just wanted to share with you guys! I am pretty proud of it and can't wait to use it.

    We just finished the aluminum work...and all I have to do is plumb it up and put the hose on the reels!

    Here are some pics!

    The last two pics are of my old unit and you can see how the plumbing is setup to transfer.





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    What kind of pumps are those. I have been looking for something electrical that is quiet for early in the morning.
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    you are right, and I know exactly what you mean about the residue on th inside of the cup. It does happen. I was jusyt thinking along the lines of a solid residue from no rinsing at all. But even with rinsing, it does leave some, and even worse so, the point you brought up about the dirt sticking and such is a factor. then it needs to be rinsed and wiped out with paper towel.
    Charles, The point about the labeling is a good one. I believe here, as long as we have a label attached, then we are ok. I do know that even our jugs holding water are to be marked with permanent marker stating that it is water in the container.
    As far as pre-mixing a PG mix and transporting it in a carrier tank as a PG mix, I sure wouldn't be crazy about that idea either, as it is such a hot mix, it is just to volatile to carry in a quantity like that. I know many companies do, though.
    I can't believe that someone doesn't have a clear, sealed unit that is a siphon unit that would have just one piston pump (like a hand tire pump - but smaller), or one of those siphons for oil changes). It could have a clear horizontal tube that would ounces, cups, c.c.'s and/or all of the above. It would also have a switch valve, so when you siphon out of the concentrate and it is measured in the tube, you turn the valve, and it will then dispense the concentrate into your tank. If anyone has ever seen the setup that is used by the Lawn Doctor franchises, this is what they use right in the back of the van. It is touchless, and you never come into contact with the chemical....nothing but awesome. This would be the ultimate way to go. The draw hose is secured down into the supply container and never moves or comes out. I say if one of us build something like this, and others of us help perfect it, it would make our current methods seem primitive, crude, and outright hazardous. lol

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    Very nice...but kinda pricey!
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    Well, that's another form of pump, but there is no measurement there. It still has to be pumped into a measuring container...unless you are referring to just pumping in pre-mixed. I would like to find some sort of measuring cylinder oufitted piston pump siphon.
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    If only we could get a hold of one of those Lawn Doctor systems!!
    Runner- I really like where you're going with this. I'll be more than happy to test a prototype when you get one made up.
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    you are so right. I hate pouring, too. Messy, dangerous--chance of spill. And then you have the sticky measuring bucket ,which drips and collects all kinds of dirt and contaminents. I sure don't carry it in the cab with me.

    One easy method. Works best if you are using the translucent type jugs. Use the jug itself as the measuring container. You can see it contains a certain amount say 1.5 gallons. You need a half gallon--pour a little at a time until you have one gallon remaining when you set the jug down. You measure by subtraction. Of course--you really need a piece of tape (or make printed labels for your jugs) with the ounces marked on it to stick on the jug. And you may need a calculator to subtract the needed ounces from the ounces available in the jug.

    Second suggestion. The internal measuring cup. I use it in my big tank--but perhaps someone could work it out for a Permagreen or Z-spray. The measuring cup would be secured or hanging inside the Permagreen tank. Open the cover. You directly pour the number of ounces you need into the measuing cup, say 45 ounces. You pull the attached cord or plastic lever--thereby tipping the herbicide into the tank proper. Add the necessary water. Reposition the hatch cover.
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    Somebody knows how to TIG! Looks good!
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    LOL....Actually, I was going to comment on that, also! I'll second that. Nice job! :drinkup:

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