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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lasher66, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. lasher66

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    I have been cutting grass for 7 years now and I am going to get my pesticide license this winter so I can start fertilizing. I am thinking of using Lebanon proscape fertilizer from a local dealer. What I am trying to do is decide how to price fertilizing. Most of the 10000 sq ft bags run about $24. So what would be a price for applying fertilizer at the 10k rate? Is there a cheaper fertilizer I should be using to stay competitive?
    Lebanons weed control is applied through the granules and killed at the root level after it is watered in. So would there be a reason that I would need a sprayer? The reason I point this out is because I noticed that Scotts plus 2 has to be applied to a wet or damp lawn to stick to the weeds. Obviously I will not be able to do that with every lawn. Sorry about all the questions but I just needed some input on this. Thanks for your time

  2. Microbe

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    Good for you! Pricing all depends on what you pay kinda.. Me personally, I usually charge 40 per application on lawns that are less than 3000 sq ft. If you fertilize 10k defenatly triple your cost of the bag of fert... Thats first.... second see how long it takes you... If its relatively easy and quick.. then charge accordingly.. Some houses I charge 25 for fert.. Some houses I charge 15 bucks... All depends on the house and how large the lawn is... I have one lawn thats not even 1000 sq ft and I still charge 30 bucks... It all depends on your customer and how well you sell the service..

    Second... Don't use scotts fertilizer. You shouldn't use lebanon fertilizer either because the prices are so high.. $24 a bag is very steep! Try lesco.. I get 50lb bags that cover 16k or supposed to... my spreader isn't perfectly calibrated. Lesco is more affodable to the landscaper, and you still get great quality! The prices of the fert are always below $18, $17... I just bought 10 bags of fert at 13 bucks each... 25% slow release.... If your getting a pesticide license you should look into spraying for weeds... Its much cheaper in my opinion than using a granuel fertilizer because 3 way and other weed controls are very cheap per ounce... Probably costs be like 2 bucks or osmething per 1000... Not sure actually how much it costs me.. Hope this helped a little or gave you something to read when you log on... Peace
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    you will want to use liquid weedcontrol, the granular would be fine if you were only going to do 1 or 2 lawns a day, but the leaves will need to be wet for the weedcontrol to stick. the liquid will work better and cost much less. I would look at a permagreen battery powered sprayer you can attach to your spreader for about $300. you can blanket the lawn the spring app. if needed then just spot treat the rest of the season, or you can always use a back-pack sprayer to get started and upgrade when your business grows.
  4. teeca

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    $20 + a bag is VERY high! there geard more towards the golf industry. lesco is good, but you can find shaws, anderson which are good also and i have found them to be less then lesco. as far as weed control goes.. go liquid it will give you faster results, and in my opinion more control killing and being on target. granular is ok for the home owner, but when there paying someone to do something it's a i wanted it dead yesterday deal.
  5. lasher66

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    Is fertilizing a good profit maker to add on to grass cutting? It seems like it would be since you dont have to invest a ton of money to do it.

  6. SodKing

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    You said you want to get your pesticide license so you can start fertilizing lawns. You don't need a pesticide license to apply fertilizer. Are you going to be treating for weeds and insects as well as fertilizing?
  7. lasher66

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    Well, if you are someone who applies fertilizer, wont most customers expect you to be taking care of weeds and crabgrass?
  8. SodKing

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    No. In NH many landscapers advertise fertilizer but they don't treat for weeds/insects as they are not licensed.
  9. lqmustang

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    In Ohio you must be licensed to apply anything, including fertilizer.
  10. qps

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    Not in Indiana...you can spread fert...which I think is stupid, you should need license for fertilizing also.:dizzy:

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