want to start mowing in a satruated area

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lawnchopper, Jun 28, 2004.

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    Ive been working for a LC for awhile and im sick of the low pay. Ive been ecouraged by friends ect to go on my own especially since ive been doing Lawn care for about 10ys however theres just one problem....i think It appears there is alot of competion in this area it seems like i see more and more scrubs with a Sears Craftsmen mower trying to make it buck plus here are plenty of people out there with Lazers and Danes doing it on the side aswell.
    I wonder how i could still get my share should i target different accounts like maybe lake homes???? or more rual areas?? maybe specialize in residential??? I plan on just being solo I dont want to get big. any thoughts anyone??

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    If there are a lot of companies out there, that means there is a lot of demand out there as well. I would go for it.

    I'm into my third season working for myself, and I'm already maxed out on what I can do myself (60-65 lawns a week, and that's a long week)

    It's a little slow to start up at first since nobody knows you from Adam, but if you do a good job, and most importantly, return customers phone calls promptly, they will come.

    I worked for one company for 12 years...finally had enough when my boss bought an $800,000 house and a Beemer and told me he couldn't give me a raise because "the business wasn't doing well". So tell your boss to take a hike and be your own boss.
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    Time your move well make sure you have enough money for all your equipment your truck your trailer. Then make sure you got enough for advertising and your legal expenses i.e. trade name and stuff like that also make sure you got enough to cover any shirts you want or uniforms plus paper for your company i.e. contracts and invoices. Then make sure you have enough to live off of for 6 months or more while you build your business from scratch. Finally while you can make the move at any time the best time of the year is early spring so decide weather you want to wait till next spring or start now when most customers are already under contract for the season.

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