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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MGenay, Sep 20, 2011.

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    There's a thread on here about bagging lawns . One guy that does collect on every lawn charges i think $5 per full bag on his bagger. Then he takes it home to a compost pile. and later in the yr resales it to his accounts at i think $5 a yr. Profit collecting and disposing of it. With no dump fees. There's always a way. This is a great site to learn from others in the business.
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    ..................... a yard
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    If you have an iPhone or phone with Android, you can get a free credit card reader from www.squareup.com and they charge a 3% transaction fee. You can download all your transactions as a spreadsheet, as well as send email/text message receipts, with an attached image.

    And as far as the licensing, go legal if possible, but call around the different cities, and call the counties, and see what the rules are. Here, in my county, as long as I am operating outside of city limit, I don't need any kind of license. But if I am inside a city limit, technically I am supposed to have a license from that city. But, in the neighboring county, they require a license whether or not you are in city limits or not.
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    We started out using our vehicle insurance company for our company insurance. They even gave us a discount for bundling the two. Having insurance also makes selling a new potential customer soooo much easier, especially the ones who are on the fence about using a small operation. We used quickbooks because it made it easier for our accountant.

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