Want Up to 20% fuel savings and up to 15% more power on ya vehical?


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I've had two Hiclone, K&N filtter and an Airtec snorkel instaled on 2000' Ford Courier 2.6ltr Intercooled turbo Diesel and all I can say is WOW.

What I want you to look at is the "Hiclone" air managment system.


20% Fuel savings and 15% more power and easy on the wallet.

Just thought I'd share this intresting and effective inovation with you :)


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Take a look at the site carfully there is lots of intresting info on it. And yes they WILL FIT ANY COMBUSTION ENGINE

Well worth it. The difference is VERY noticible.

I'm 99% sure they are avalible in the US. Just email and ask for a list of distributers.

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