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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pjslawncare/landscap, Sep 8, 2005.

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    Im down to 3 employees rite now as the others went back to college. The three I have are very good ones, Im lucky to say. They bust butt and do good work and we all are good freinds as well. Ive been wanting to take a work day and go on a slightly long (2 hours away) "feild trip" to this nice nature park where Ive been many times and this monday just happens to be my 45th birthday so monday is it. I will pay them for a 7.5 hr day and I know we will have a good time (we go off riding and stuff together already).
    My question however is, should I let them know ahead of time or surprise them on the morning like I want to do.
    Give me your input, what ya think
  2. BSDeality

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    maybe tell them to wear comfortable clothing for a light day of work around the shop. then have them pile in the truck and away you go.
  3. burns60

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    My personal view is that I would much rather you just gave me the day off with pay and let me decide what to do with the day. Going to a "nature park" would not be my first (or second) choice.
  4. burns60

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    ..........and I meant to answer your question about pre notifying them. Yes, be sure and let them know ahead of time, but don't be surprised if they call in sick.
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    Personally I Would Be Pi$$ed If My Boss Carried Me Away On A Feild Trip To Somewhere And I Didnt Know It Was Goin To Happen.i Would Tell Em.and If Your Goin To Pay Em To Go Away With You You Might As Well Give Em The Option Of A Paid Day Off To Who Dont Wanna Go.
  6. Nosmo

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    It certainly sounds like you value your employees . I would say tell them the day before so -------

    1. They can wear casual clothing.
    2. They can bring cameras if they wish.
    3. They may ask if they can bring their wives or girlfriends
    and you have the sayso about this.
    4. They can either accept or reject the trip. If they reject
    the offer it's up to you about a day off with pay.

    It's just my slant on the question.

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