Wanted: 44" or 48" mower deck for Lx170 series mower

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by 1993lx172, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. 1993lx172

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    I'm looking for either a 44 or a 48" deck off a Lx172, 173,or 176. if anyone has one please reply. Also if any one has experience with running one of these decks on a 172 or 173 let me know.
  2. fireman1000

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    I had an LX172 with a 48" deck...had the Kawasaki 14 hp engine and hardly ever bogged down, even in high grass and I used it commercially...great machine, but I gave it to a friend when the oil seal starting leaking and he fixed it fine and is using it now and that machine is 14 years old. I also have a GT262 with the exact same deck that was on my LX172. It is also 14 years old and still running. The decks on these machines seemed to be a great deal better and stronger than what Deere is putting on their new machines. I bought my LX172 new from the dealer and had an option of either a Kawasaki 14 hp or Kohler 15 hp and the dealer recommended the Kaw. It had more than enough power for the 48" deck and I never regretted buying it as it was also very quiet and sipped gas.
    Hope this helps!
  3. 1993lx172

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    Thanks for the reply, I had to go to the dealer today for a new tie rod ( it sucks when you break down in a client's yard and can't get the mower home) and asked about the larger deck. He said that if i could find one I should consider myself lucky. They have a Lx176 with a 48 in the used lot ( the sucker dosen't even run and the hood looks like it was used as a backstop at a gun range) and they won't sell just the deck. I'll call the one in Columbia to see if they have one. Mine is a 93" and except for a few minor things recently and a transmission it has been great. One yard i do has a neighbor who uses another service that has Ex mark lazers and I leave a better cut and stripes then they do. When Deere went to design the 7 Iron decks I think they borrowed some elements from the LX 170 decks.

    My dad bought this mower at the start of the 1993 season when I was three and in those seven teen years it has only been to the shop three times ( every thing else i was able to fix at home).

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