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Wanted: 52" wright stander - cash in hand

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by bwilder10h, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. bobcat175

    bobcat175 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 377

    Thanks for the plug...

    bwilder10h - What is your budget? If you are looking for < 500 hours I think you will be paying very close to new prices. Close enough that it will be worth buying new with a warranty. Remember that Wright's warranty doesn't transfer. You can find cheaper than mine with similar hours but it will be 2-3 times as old and probably underpowered.
  2. bobcat175

    bobcat175 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 377

    bwilder10h - I just saw on another thread that you got a new 52"....congrats and enjoy.
  3. bwilder10h

    bwilder10h LawnSite Member
    Messages: 186

    Yeah I meant to come back and comment on this thread that I found one but forgot. I got a really good deal on a leftover 06 rapid height 52" that was too nice to pass up.

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