Wanted Lawncare Sales/Bidding/Perposal person from around Outskirts of Akron Area

Discussion in 'Employment' started by slowpoe, Mar 2, 2012.

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    I am interested in a Sales/Bidding/Perposal person from outside my area,(East Akron so there is no competition problems) from a larger company,to come in and Bid on Larger Commercial Properties for a Commission or fee ?. Kind of like a metor to help get into the Larger commercial market and do it the right way.

    Also may be willing to Subcontract for the right money, for the kind of equipment we have.

    Just looking to grow into the commercial market, and do it with help from someone with experiance in that area, (Like a paid Mentoring program) to help eliminate making costly mistakes.

    I have 20 yrs. experiance in the residential side of things ,but need help with the Commercial ,Sales Bidding side of this Business.

    Also any recomondations for Bidding/Estimating Software or programs that you think are worth the money.

    Call ,text or PM Steve at 330 283-0982

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