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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by dllfb, Mar 24, 2008.

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    We kinda started discussing this in the irrigation forum. There is the question of keeping emitters clean in sub-surface drip applications. I'm am also curious how a fill and run fertigater/injection system affects microbe viability.

    Another good question is has anyone established a need for CT application per irrigation cycle?
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    When you do the big switchover to a non chemical/synthetic lawn...It's a whole different lawn care program....There's no Organic spray that will get rid of weeds and make your lawn nice and green...and then your done...theres a lot more to It...so get yourself a box of pop corn a cold pop, and do some reading...One thing I can tell you...with a Organic lawncare program...you are focusing on making that soil better...so the plant feeds from the soil.

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    I have no emperical data but does seem like it would be a nice addition. Kind of like the bio-ject system. If you use dormant microbes you wouldn't have to water at night.

    We use a lot of molasses and humate in our #3 product the comments that have come back that use it say "when I smell that earthy smell I know that it is working"
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    We have products and a program that have been used in Quebec for the last 5 years.

    Call Eric 'our distributor' in 450-432-3299 or 514-772-2943 for more information.

    The web site is www.bjedistri-organic.com
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    cultural changes aside the organic thing is only natural to work with nature and native plants.

    the chemigation thing is of great interest to us, for the longest time we have put the left over tea in a barrel and used a valve at the pump to add tea into our sprinkler system and it works great and can be done late in the day.

    If this can be automated that would be cool and a time saver

    left over does not mean stale or under aerated BTW.

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