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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by faithfulFrank, Jan 10, 2004.

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    As most of you know, all 2004 exmark's come with a new safety rollbar called their R.O.P.S. system. I have a new 2003 exmark and am interested in perhaps finding a R.O.P.S. system for it. I know that exmark currently has a very good program, offering it for around $170.00 or so, and I think that is probably a good deal. When I told my dealer I may be interested in this item for my 2003, he told me he would be happy to get one for me, but I would be the first one who actuall really wanted it! Before I buy it from my dealer, I was told that most landscapers do not want this item, and perhaps I could buy this even less expensively from someone who buys a new one this year and does not want it. At the risk of sounding like a tightwad, I'll just post my interest here and see if there is anyone from around the Western N.Y. area who may like to sell their Rollbar....
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    Since you posted over hear I'll throw my 2 cents in. The ROPS retails for over $300 plus intallation. Under the current promotion we're selling it for $179 installed. That's a pretty good deal.

    The initial response to the ROPS was a mixed bag of likes and dislikes. In your area there probably aren't that many operators that have been running the ROPS yet and probably don't know if they will or will not like it. I suspect the dealers reaction is a bit premature and more operators will like it than he thinks. For the most part the guys that have the ROPS have been more open to the idea once they's spent some time on the machine. Many of their concerns have not been an issue in the field.


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    I know this they are too tall for my lawns and with a trac vac putting them in a low position wont be an option and I'm not giving up a vac system that has its own engine and taking power off the blade belts. Iv tried both and found it superior when unclogging the hose it’s nice to have some suction. I’m not worried about falling in a lake or pond I’m worried about breaking branches off some very expensive trees and getting a fat bill and a polite don’t come back. So they wont be staying on my 04s and I will be picking up 2 of them this spring. If they could slide into the pipe and lower them self’s that way I might be interested but the hinge isn’t gona work for me and I do find it funny that when you finally come out with a light package you make it so I cant get it if I don’t use R.O.P.S
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    You'd probably have to measure one for sure but I'm guessing that the low position is actually lower than the trac vac making it really a non-issue. It is possible however that it would make contact with the vac hopper but like I said you'd probably need to take some measurements for sure.

    The ROPS at the top position is about is still shorter I am so it may be less of an issue than you might think. I'm not sure which trac-vac you have but you may find that it isn't that much shorter than the ROPS.

    As far as the light kit goes you can mount where ever you like. We simply supply a mounting kit for the ROPS because we feel that this is the best place to mount them that will give good lighting as well as protect them from damage. Remember the lower you mount them the more shadows they will create limiting their effectiveness.



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