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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bigorange03, Jan 2, 2012.

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    Ok guys i have been trying at my business for about 2 years now, this year will be my third. I have a full time job with benifits plus a part time job plus mowing. I just am not 100% happy with my full time job and i belive i can make more money at my lawn business and keep my part time job. The part time job is in the evenings from 4-10 about 3 nights a week through the spring and summer and part of the fall. My business has not grown much in the last 2 seasons and i really want to make it grow. I had considered just giving up after this season but i am not one to give up easily. I have also considered going back to school to be an emergency medical technician and working part time and mowing. I figure to do this i need to land about 25-30 weekly accounts and i need some advice on how to go about getting these accounts because as of now i only have about 5 lol!!!! I also need some advice on a mower. I had a John deere 48" w/b but sold it at the end of the summer. If i do anything now i have to borrow my dads 60" zero turn. So i need to get my own again. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    If you're looking to expand advertise as much as you can. Create flyers, place ads online, newspapers etc. Whatever fits within your budget. Starting out i felt stupid walking from door to door placing a homemade flyer in peoples mailboxes but hey, you have to start getting your name out there. Also, work with the customers you have now. Offer them a wide variety of services and make sure they are aware of what you can do for them.
    As far as the mower situation goes, for now with 5 properties i would invest in something used, possibly a 34'' walk behind of some sort or even a used ride on mower, again it all depends on your budget. Hope this helps..
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    Thanks for the input, i have tried the flyer idea but have only picked up 1 customer doing that. I am going to try this again though but hit different neighborhods this year.What are the laws on putting advertisement in mailboxes? I have always put them in the newspaper boxes. I am definatly going to go used on the mower end. I am thinking on another 48" w/b but going with exmark this time. Would like a hustler trimstar but they are hard to come by used arround here. I guess everybody likes them. Has anybody had any luck with a website or facebook? I forgot to mention in my previous post i have been licensed and insured since i started.

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    Keep at it! It was already said use any avenues you can to gain exposure. Remember also controlled growth is your best growth. Gaining huge amounts of clients could hurt you and your rep. Good luck.
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    All depends on your financial situation and what you want most, your own business or just part time

    I had a fulltime job and got tired of the b/s so gave 2 week notice. I had no equipment, company name etc but just jumped right in, first year was tough but am now up to 50 residential and 3 hoa accounts and being solo does take a toll. My goal was to expand this year with a crew since the landscaping side is growing strong, word of mouth and great work does the talking for you.

    Sorry for dragging on but was in your shoes before and only mistake I made was not getting the medical things I needed done before leaping in. Old aches and sores this turned into a lot more. 2 weeks ago had cervical spinal fusion and as of now am out till least end of march, my point is if you know of any medical issues get them now since you do have a fulltime job with income, without a strong customer base I would be out of business.

    I would drop the part time job and put all effort into building the lawn care side. Call everybody you know or friends of friends, if you want it bad enough it will happen.
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    Exmark makes nice mowers. Everyone I know that has them are very happy with them.

    Definitely have a web presence. I would invest in both Facebook and a seperate website. Facebook is free to advertise on, so all you would pay for is the domain and hosting of a website.

    As far as putting things in mailboxes, here ya go....

    "No part of a mail receptacle may be used to deliver any matter not bearing postage, including items or matter placed upon, supported by, attached to, hung from, or inserted into a mail receptacle. Any mailable matter not bearing postage and found as described above is subject to the same postage as would be paid if it were carried by mail."
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    Try out this thread which helps with free advertisement:

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