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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by chrisvinky, Oct 26, 2013.

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    Charlie Gill

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    I think it's great that you are taking initiative and also taking something that you learned at GIE and implementing it so quickly.... I would be all about joining your group however I am at the end of my first year of a solo op and I am holding back the reigns a bit as my wife is in nursing school and I am helping out a lot with our little one... I have serious plans for growth from year 3 to year 5 so looks like I will miss the boat with your particular group but I just wanted to say kudos for thinking and acting like a real business owner and professional. It is what will eventually set you aside from the rest of the pack. I would suggest closely scrutinizing any potential candidates for your group as you will really want to have people with your similar drive, passion, and vision on board. Good luck!
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    I bet they got this idea from going to church :weightlifter: It is a good idea though.
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    What does church have to do with it??
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    Everybody that has expressed interest. I will contact you this week sometime.
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    There has been a trend to take church/bible principles and apply them to businesses. I just always find it interesting when I spot it. Most multi level marketing is based on it.
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    It's not just that. A lot of "larger" churches have experimented in the past several years by using "small group" based Bible studies and interaction as a way to allow people to get to know one another better and not feel so lost in the crowd. Small group sessions have been around for decades. Rick Warren back in the early 2000's was one of the bigger ones in the evangelical settings to get it mainstreamed. His church in CA is a "mega church" and one of his books was somewhat designed to be most effective when read/interacted in a "small group".

    But again, it's not just churches... I know when I was in "industry" the company I worked for had 8 branches across 4 states with over 600 employees. Each branch was similar in what functions we offered to clients with each have several specialty departments (mine was IT audit w/emphasis on network security and financial control), so quarterly we had a big get together with the other similar departments from the other branches to do somewhat of an informal review of each others work and what we were seeing in the field and stuff. It was good, basically a 3 day paid vacation on the clock...
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    Well I was interested until ya started turnin it into a bible study group.:laugh:

    Just kidding, I hear ya, sounds like a good idea
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    Interesting idea. You guys should post back on the forum with updates on what the group is doing and improvements you've seen or made thanks to the group. I have had a similar idea in the past however my idea was about taking people from different industries in the same area with similar target clientele and getting together on some things. Sharing information with a guy who details high end cars is very little risk to my business but the possibilities are endless.

    Just a few ideas I had about the group I was looking to start that could apply to your group.
    -Write a newsletter together, each member contributes a small article and it's beneficial to your clients and you without the headache of writing an entire newsletter yourself
    -Share other marketing burdens, order large quantities of promotional material with group buying power then individually send them to a printer to stamp your logo on them, you should still save money this way.
    Good luck with the idea and bring back some results. It will be interesting to see the idea in motion.
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    My company currently has something loosely like what you are talking about. I have about 5 other companies in different fields (plumbing, electrician, hardscaping...) that we've gotten to know over the years. The big thing for me is that I know their work and their values and quality of work reflect my company too. I'd hate to refer an electrician that is going to end up on one of those Dateline NBC episodes for pricing who knows what for a $100 job. It looks good on us to be able to honestly refer others who do honest work.

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