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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Derrick Roberts, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. Derrick Roberts

    Derrick Roberts LawnSite Member
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    I am wanting to hire an individual to take over the daily mowing operation. For some people this might be an easy decision. But I am struggling with it. I have spent nine years building a profitable customer base with good workmanship and dependability. Now I pray the Lord would send someone who would take care of it as I have. Many people I have talked to have had horror stories but they eventually find the right person. In order to take the next step in growing this business, faith and trust in hiring choices is the foundation which I have to stand.

    I currently have two Hispanic workers whom I trust deeply, They work hard and do outstanding work. I feel like I need an American crew leader for many reasons though. I have a good incentive package worked out for the crew chief as long as things go well after the probation period is over. I will train this individual for a long period of time to make sure he understands the work and leadership responsibilties I will afford to him.

    Any advice from those who have gone thru this would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. AztlanLC

    AztlanLC LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Why not promote one of them?

    If you hire someone else make sure they know what they're getting into since the beggining (long hours, rainy days, some weekends, etc..)

    And don't forget to constantily ask your customers how they're doing (crew)
  3. Rhett

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    You said it all when you said two workers you deeply trust and are hard workers to boot. If they have the ability to communicate effectively and the ablitiy to supervise sounds like the way to go.

    Good Luck
  4. bigkat

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    If you all ready have two hard working employees why are you looking out side your company for someone else? Who cares what race they are as long as you can depend on them. This also shows your employees that there is room to grow within your company and you won't loose them.
  5. rodfather

    rodfather LawnSite Fanatic
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    Really...why not one of them?
  6. GroundKprs

    GroundKprs LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Uhhh, note the original poster's location. Unless things have changed since last week (and please let's not make this a political row), you must be very careful with the racial card when playing with the general public in most of the south.

    While the poster may have excellent workers, of non-Caucasian persuasion, elevating these workers to management level may not be acceptable to the clientelle, causing a loss of business, and consequent loss of jobs for these good workers.

    Business decisions work out best when based on reality. Impossible to change other peoples' perceptions.
  7. AztlanLC

    AztlanLC LawnSite Bronze Member
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    For me it worked pretty good I don't know around your area.

    One of my hispanics worker at the end of the year gets about 200-300 dls on tips from customers, 5 here 10 there 2 over there, he's the one that people always said "what a nice hard working crew you have"
  8. AGG Lawn Maintenance

    AGG Lawn Maintenance LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hire within. You already know how these two guys work. I can understand the communication thing. Why not get them English lessons. It might take some time but in the long run it will be better for your business.Good Luck it whatever you do. Travis
  9. bubble boy

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    but guys their race may not be the only reason.

    i have 3 workers that are exceptional, hard working albeit a bit young.

    right now i know only one of the three could ever run the daily ops. and that is being optimistic.

    they are good workers, not leaders. i can send the three out to do a days work unsupervised and they would get the job done well. but i know the three make decisions together, no one takes the initiative.

    any probs they refer back to me. i have encouraged them to lead, offered money to do it . they just wanna work. and i am fine with that, lucky, i figure, just that they can do good work.
  10. Derrick Roberts

    Derrick Roberts LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for your input.

    The two guys I have now are very proud of the work they do. One of them is a real Edward Sisscor Hands when comes to shrub trimming. I have rewarded them for two years of good service by paying them $10.00 per hour with a bonuse at the end of the month. The deal is niether wants to get a Ga. drivers licenes. For obviuos insurance reasons and peace of mind, I can not bring myself to let them take off with the equipment. I would love to hire a Mexican crew chief who speaks English well enough. Race IS NOT THE ISSUE here, I don't care if they are red, green or blue as long as they under stand complete customer satisfaction and is responsible for the equipment and the safety for everyone involved.

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