Wanting to know about lawn pro program ??

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by rl53103, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. rl53103

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    This may sound stupid , Im sorry but id like to know do you have to add a new customer each time in order to give a estimate , or can you just have per say a blank customer insert for all of your estimates . sorry im new here and 1st year trying this lawn service .
    Thanks in advance !!
  2. ffemt1271

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    i don't know about lawn pro but in groundskeeper you have to enter the customer info, and generate a estimate specific to them, it will have thier info on top of the estimate. what i do is enter the info, generate an estimate, then i place that customer in the "inactive" section until they accept the job, then i bring them to the "active" screen and all i have to do is click "charge customer" because all oof the info is still there. And if they don't do the job, you have thier info to sent out fliers too:usflag:
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    Yes, you have to enter a new customer each time. I had a two part form made up, and use it instead of lawnpro. Thisw allows you to give the customer the estimate onsite instead of having to go back to the office to generate an estimate.
  4. rl53103

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    Thanks for the input ,, appreciate it !!

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