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    Would like to add... ANSI A300 standards for pruning, cabling, and any other part of the industry you are intending on practicing in. Also Ed Gilman's "An Illustrated Guide to Pruning" is great reading. Get free subscriptions of "Tree Services" (from this site) and TCI magazine. (both free). The ISA's "Arborists' Certification Study Guide" is great too. Even if you dont want to get certified (KC). Its a plus though. You wouldnt believe how many customers I have recieve just from that. I know I know. Stop preaching the cerification thing. Sorry
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    the BMPs are directly from the A300s. But the wording is nice to know sometimes. Also when a costmer asks you something you can give them the actual standard, not a summery of the standard. Both are good. I own both for pruning, cabling, Lightning protection, and fert. (dont do fert) I bought the all of them in a kit with the cert guide. ISA offers the package. Happy reading
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    Thats a great idea.:)
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    One thing you might want to try is go on the ISA web page, http://www.isa-arbor.com/home.aspx , search your area for an arborist. This might help with finding small companies. Also helps networking if you do find someone.
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    First off Welcome.

    You are going to get a lot of great advice.

    First off, Don't Top, Don't Lions Tail, Get proper Insurance, and be safe...sorry just a pet pieve i see a lot of times from guys who transfer over from Landscaping.

    I would recommend which I am sure others will second...

    1. Tree Climbers Companion
    2. Fundamentals of General Tree Work - G.F. Bernak
    A god father in the tree care world
    3. ANSI Z 1.33 Safety Standards for Tree Care
    4. BMP - Best Mangement Practice

    All can be found at WesSpur, Sherill, Bailey's, ISA.

    I would recommend joining the ISA you can learn a lot and get discount on education.


    I like Wesspur because of the free ups ground shipping on all shipments over $ 100 in the USA

    I also think they have the easiest website to navigate through
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    I havent read the ANSI version, I only bought the BMP's mainly because they were cheaper.

    Have you read the BMP, would you recommend buying the ANSI version if you have already read the BMP.

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    Did not no that, I have seen that package would have been smarter to buy it originally but I have bought it in pieces.
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    Great Post.

    I really wanted to highlight some of your comments.

    Working within your limits
    Proper Insurance
    Practice in situations where you have the area and it is safe to make a opps cut, now i dont mean be dangerous here be smart
    ex. trying rigging tip tie vs butt tie vs using a balancer
    Commerical Grade Equipment
    Books are great.
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    One other idea and I am not sure if it has been brought up but is to get your self a tree job well a few that you can't do alone.

    Sub the work out, find a small company even a one man climber arborist who seems chipper and friendly. A lot of guys will work as a sub help you take it down and you can learn a lot along the way,.

    Ask Questions.
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    AH, that stinks.

    In my area that is 4 of us who are pretty much one man and have some part time help and we all bring are own nitch of tools and speciality team us together and just about anything in town can be tackled safely and fast.

    Its great.

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