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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cpad33, Jun 9, 2004.

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    A friend and I are wanting to start a mowing business around the Knoxville, TN area. We both would enjoy the outside work, and want to get out of our current production work. We make good money and have great benefits at our current job, but that doesn't always mean everything. I know we will have to pay a lot for health insurance, but we are willing to do it. There is a huge demand around this area for mowing services, including a lot of businesses (which is what we would like to eventually focus on). We are unsure how to go about getting bids for companies, though. Do you simply just call them up? And, it's hard to guess what they normally would pay for such services. It would only be the two of us in a partnership, but taxes are still a little confusing. We are also not sure which brand of mower to buy. I know the leaders, but still have never had the opportunity to try them all. I am confident we would succeed because we are very driven to do this for ourselves. There are just a lot of unanswered questions we still have. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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    My advice would be to get a commercial walk behind mower - most of the residential clients you get at first are just difficult to mow properties that you can't handle with a rider. If all your going to do is mowing spend the money - you won't regret it - to get a new mower. The majority of expenses when you first start out are advertising and repairs - try to limit them as much as you can to put the money in your pocket.

    For advertising, I would do roadside signs - try http://www.asavealotsign.com/ - you can save a lot of money from advertising in newspapers to attract a lot of residential clients. I used this approach this year and have been busy all year to date - and have not advertised anywhere else.

    For the commercial accounts, I send letters to management companies asking for them to send us invitiations to bid when the became available. The problem is that a lot of the bids come in the early fall for spring mowing, so you have to be a little ahead of the game.
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    I agree with Divi, pretty much said it all.
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    Hi cpad33,

    Here is a post that might help answer this question.

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