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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by CraigG1977, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. CraigG1977

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    Ok, I've been kicking this lawn thing around for some time now and I'm finally going to do it. I work a regular 40hr wk job, but growing tired of the corporate world. I work 2nd shift and the hours are perfect to get some mowing done before heading in to work.

    My questions would be, how many of you started out like this and do you have any regrets leaving your primary source of income and salary when it was time to go full-time?
  2. Myk

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    I started out part time on my own then got a lucky brake when a great friend of mine offered me a partnership with him in a full time lawn buisness mowing it was great and learned alot but after 3 years I really just wanted to be my own boss and not share the tittle. I'm glad I switched back over even though I am still part time on the mowing I make more $ by myself part time then full time partnership and if I have an suggestion I don't have to go to anyone to get approval. I still have a full time job luckly it works around my mowing. If you like mowing don't invest alot of money cause you won't last long, but if you love mowing stick with it and before long it will become your full time job and you won't regret it. I know thats hard to take from a part time like me but every year I grow a little by a little and before long I will be full time too. good luck to you
  3. BW Landscaping

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    this is my 4th year as part-time, i love it and hate it..especially when i get overtime at full time job it makes me stressed, you will see good luck and dnt give up
  4. Wells

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    I started out working in the corporate world as well and spent 13 years there. Seems like I switched positions every few years to keep things from getting stale but finally got tired of it all.

    Decided to startup a lawn business after work hours and see where it would go. Back then I knew nothing of lawnsite so I was on my own to learn on the fly. It took about 4 years to build up enough clientele and get to where I felt comfortable leaving a full-time job with good pay & great benefits.

    The first full-time year was the hardest as I didn't have a lot of money saved to get me through the winter and not much winter work built up yet. The only thing that saved my bacon was the fact that I wasn't in debt with the business but I did have to take a part time winter job to help supplement things. After that first year things got much easier and I haven't looked back since.

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