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Wanting to start up


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Hi, I am new to the site and have been doing a lot of reading and am wanting to open up my own lawn care service this year but have many questions for those willing to help.

I just want to start off mowing/trimming.

Equipment that I have as of now is:
2002 Chevy 1500HD crew cab truck
Stihl weed whacker
Echo blower PB-620
push mower from sears..
These are all things that are payed off and I have just for around the house usuage.. I have another 10,000 I am willing to spend before needing a loan..

I am wondering what the best mower would be to get to start off. We have two dealerships here. One sells ex-mark the other kubotas. I have ran ex-marks before for 3 years. The dealership right now has a 52in. Quest with a 24hp briggs motor. Not sure the year but is asking 5400. They also have a 2007 full warranty (5 hours) lazer z 60in asking 6200. Dont have any more info on them right now cause he said he would rather I stopped in. Everything else is 2010 equipment. Without anymore information right now would one of these sound like a good mower to start with and if so which one? Traveling is also an option just goin by whats in the area right now.

My brother also owns a landscaping company and said I can work part-time until I eventually have enough work to keep myself busy full-time.

One of my problems is i'm not sure how to go about bidding. And do I line up work with no equipment or do I buy equipment with no accounts. Would really appreciate some good advice on bidding.

As far as advertising do I call local businesses and tell them about my upcoming business and feel free to call me about jobs? For instance there is a company that builds a large amount of condos each year. Or I could call the local renters. What are the best ways of adverising?

Thanks in advance for any helpful information.


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Springfield MA
well first off i would start off with what you have right now and see how it goes. Buying equipment is alot of money and if you can get away with your push mower while your getting more accounts then i think that would be better. You never know what might happen. Sense your just starting like me i would keep your over head as low as you can so your prices are lower than your competition. You might be able use what you have until you have 10 accounts or so and once you have that then you can go ahead and buy the bigger mower. Just what im doing and it seems to be working out for me pretty well. Bidding on jobs comes with time. Figure out your over head and then figure out what you need to charge.

Grass Shark

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Zone 7
If you can spend like $1000 I would buy a used 36" commercial walk behind. But I would not spend any more than that until you have 20+ accounts under your belt.


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Experiment with different ad spaces to see what works best for you. Bidding is improved with experience. Knowing your costs and how much you want to profit is how you determine your bidding... and what the market is willing to pay . Do time studies on your own yard if you have no accounts currently so you get an idea...
good luck to you.


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To work with the equipment I have now and to get a some jobs lined up sounds like a good idea.. But what if I miss out on bigger accounts because I dont have the equipment to handle the job? Yes I could then look for the equipment I need but I dont think ill find what I would need in the matter of a few days..


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Upstate NY
Trust me, the equipment is going to be for sale... People start and stop lawn care businesses everyday... The chances of you NOT being able to find what you need when you need it is near impossible...

Start with what you have, you already said you have 10k available... So let it sit until you need it. Take out as little as possible from it until you need it... You do NOT want to start a new business in the hole by having a loan on equipment...