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    Topsites inspired me to start this thread. What is the worst injury you have had on the job? Does not have to be a green industry job. I will start

    I was working for a company called unimast. We took flat rolled steel and ran it through a series of rollers to produce metal studs used in commercial buildings. I was running 14 gauge through the machine when the roll of steel got stuck on a guide arm that the steel sits on. Being all macho man I decide to push down on the guide arm hoping to free it up. As soon as I did the machine started up and the steel became unstuck real fast. Came up and hit me square in the face. Right under my bottom lip. Saw stars for a second. Grabbed my face. Went to the bathroom to see that it had cut me so bad I could see my teeth without opening my mouth. 14 stitches and a piss test later, I was back at work. Only a small scar now. So... whatcha got?
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    Took a small chainsaw to the shin, it cut a 4" long gash all the way to the bone. Lucky I had stitches on site so I stitched it up and went back to work. Needless to say I bought some chaps
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    I'll say this upfront, mine is not as bad as others but i'm posting it anyway

    I was unhitching my trailer, which was loaded with about 1500 lbs of yard waste that i was gonna dump in the morning, and then the trailer jack seal broke, and sent the trailer slamming into my knee, and it proceeded to fall on top of me. Thank God I had a helper nearby because I would have had a very hard time getting that trailer off me all by myself

    It ended up scraping all the skin off my knee (was walking funny the rest of the day) and had a huge bruise on my leg, It happened last week
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  4. Richard Martin

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    Which time?

    Let's see. There was the time I got my hand caught in a Coats 20-20A tire machine changing out those stupid plastic spacers you used to use to change the tires on certain wheels. Oh and that time I grabbed ahold of a red hot piece of steel someone had just gotten done welding on. And then there was the welding glove that had a hole in it and the torch I was using apparently had a leak on the acetylene side. It filled up the glove with acetylene and then exploded with my hand still in the glove. And once I was trying to remove a pitman arm with a tie rod seperator. I hit the seperator with a 2 pound hammer, it got pissed, flipped around and hit me right in the mouth damaging several teeth and crushing the tooth pockets. Me and pain, we go back a long way. My first was when I was about 10 years old. I was cutting a neighbor's grass (imagine that) and the mower stalled out. I reached down to restart the old 3 HP Briggs engine and put my hand right on the muffler. That baby was about 800 degrees. That hurt like hell. There's more stuff but you get the idea.
  5. jhouchins

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    This sounds like it will be an intersting thread. LOL
  6. doyles

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    diffrent times diffrent things i was working at a spring shop punching steel had the punch explode and whent deep into my left arm another time i just finished mowing a yard with a 21" reached down to pick it up and grabed the muffler than i was working cutting down trees in the city so i was toping them first made my first cut across and whent to put the saw back in the cut to cut it deeper saw kicked out hit me in the chest tore a 2" hole down to the bone good thing i had just started to rev the saw up

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    Aha the good ole muffler grab. I did it as a kid. Instantly blistered two fingers. Have been closely watching mufflers ever since.
  8. rain man

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    One broken back and two electrocutions (fellow employees) at old job. I praticed safety and had a good run of luck other than wire in one eye. In the grass business...so far so good.
  9. mdlwn1

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    Myself..not bad but funny. Typical high idling chainsaw to my forearm like others have had..only difference was I'd been cutting thick poison ivy vines most of the day. Systemic poisen ivy is unimaginably bad.....new breakouts every 2 hours on EVERY part of the body for 3 weeks or so....not to mention I was wrapped in gauze like a mummy.......Best/worst story for me...A guy in Ocean County NJ cut the front of his foot off with a saw blade on the end of the weed wacker. His boot hangs on their shop wall.
  10. cpllawncare

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    I've been lucky for the most part, but I've witnessed some crazy stuff, When I was in the service I saw a guy blow his hand off with a grenade that he thought a dud. While stationed in Germany, my roomate at the time, shot himself three times in the leg with a M-16 while playing with the charging handle. My helper did the ole muffler grab just last week, LOL

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