Warm season grass in transition zone question....

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by walker-talker, Oct 6, 2005.

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    I know that it's not good to put down fertilizer too early on warm season grasses. With that being said, do you generally put down a winterizer on warm season grasses? What I am working with here is zoysia and bermuda lawns.

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    I just put down my last fert. application on homes that are not being overseeded with a winter lawn. I use a product like 6-20-20 I really dont want to push any more top growth I am just looking for the potassium to help hold color for as long as possible and protect aginst the cold. The available phosphorus is always nice for roots and it gets tied up in the soil pretty fast, so I dont mind having a little extra.
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    Exactly what AZ said.

    Since you are in the transition area with cold Winter temps, it is very important to have a good boost of Potassium in the Fall at about 1 lb/M. You can include Phosphorous if necessary, but keep the Nitrogen very minimal right now. One example product that fits this pretty well is the 5-10-31 at Lesco. It also has some Iron as well. It has MOP, but if you can use SOP it would be better.

    I hate the way some of the fert companies market "winterizer". It means different things depending on your turf type. With warm season turf, it certainly does not mean hitting it with high N. Applying high K is more accurate. Unfortunately some local retail stores sell a Scotts Winterizer that folks are buying and applying to warm season turf. 28 percent N or something like that. That is a great recipe for SDS.

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    5-10-31 is the ticket. We use it at 1lb of K per 1000. blow it off the pavement though it has iron it. The Lesco brand does anyway.
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    I like it as well but if only Lesco could produce it in a smaller SGN. The particle size is very large which makes it somewhat hard to spread evenly.

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