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  1. Carolina Cutter

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    DO NOT...I repeat do business with this company if you value your privacy and your money and you like getting what you pay for.

    I did....I know I am going to get blasted for it......but I promise you this is one of the WORST moves you can make in your green industry career.

    They CONSTANTLY hound you although they DO NOT hold up their end of the deal. They do not do what they say on the information page.

    The material is very OUTDATED....

    TRUST ME.....DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. And yes, I would like to see them go out of business....LOL:angry:
  2. 1MajorTom

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    What exactly is PCDI?
    Are you talking about Professional Career Development Institute where they offer courses online? I'm not real familiar with them.
  3. Carolina Cutter

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    Yep that who I am talking about. But its a mail order school.....it is terrible.
  4. Popper357

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    I ordered their Landscape design course a year ago.

    I went through fifteen of the seventeen lessons. My reviews are mixed.
    Their course info book was standard and you can easily purchase the book for much less. But thier structured way of walking you through the info realy helped me learn a lot.

    Also, thier drafting projects were easy to use and I was able to quickly learn basic to-scale drafting that I've used constantly since. I use the info I learned about the industry and design daily. Drafting is crucial to anyone who wishes to landscape sucessfully.

    But I'm not thrilled at this course either. It's overpriced by $2-300 and I was hassled about my sign up documents. Seemed like they had a very hard time processing my order. Their shipments did arrive promply, all but one.
    Overall, I'm glad I did it and followed their structure. It taught me about design and the industry in a way I'd not known. This course is just a very good start and not a collegiate level type course. I've definitely built on the learning from them and that's my real benefit.

    I had mowed lawns for four years and had a real desire to get out of the mowing side. I spent this year advertising and bidding landscape projects without making any money and am just starting to get this rolling. I just purchased a toro dingo and it is making the most difference in my startup pace.
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    what? you people not even good enough for community college anymore? :dizzy:

    you make millions sleeping till noon and taking catalog orders over the phone, too? or buying houses for $100?

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