Warning! It is not a myth, they are real!

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by tadpole, Oct 9, 2010.

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    Today I met face to face (and I am ot making this up) a Gin-you-whine Perfeshunal POND BUILDER.
    A customer of mine is shutting down one of her ponds and has been trying to give the fish to someone, quite large koi. She calls me and asked if I could help with the transfer as she had found a taker.

    After being stylishly late, this guy shows up and immediately announces that he is a Pond Builder, trailing him are his wife/girlfriend and his two kids. Now that got my attention....really professional. He is carrying a large net with a mesh big enough for a baby manatee to swim through. I told him that if he was going to take the Koi today that I needed to tranquilize them. He said "oh no! I have an aerator". Tranquilize? Aerate? I must have missed class the day that they explained the similarities of those two.

    As I was looking over what he was going to use as a hauling tank, he breaks out his ?PORTFOLIO?. He showed A picture of a pond that looked like a well kept cistern and a picture of an indoor fountain that looked like a aquatic version of a Pachinko machine. I could feel the emotion starting to well up.

    Just when I thought that I had reached the ultimate heights of ecstasy from what I had heard and seen, he told me that the Koi were going into his own personal pond which had a bead filter fed by a submersable pump and NO Skimmer. I think that I had an orgasm.

    As he was leaving, I gave him one of my business cards and said "Hold on to that, I think that you will be needing to call me at some point down the road".

    We all know that they existed because we have seen their 'Droppings', but not many have had the awe-inspiring experience of meeting one face to face

    I Have!!!

    My life is now complete.
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    Thanks Tad I needed a good laugh!!!

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