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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Forever Green Landscaping, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Duekster

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    That suxs. You should be able to recover lawyer fees too
  2. Frontier-Lawn

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    contact corpate target office and tell them about there mang comapny and that if you dont have check in hand in 2 weeks you will sue the mang companyand target corp.
  3. trooper8870

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    Congratulations!!! You are very fortunate to have gotten anything.:clapping:
  4. herler

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    I am glad to hear it worked out in your favor.
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  6. Take pride

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    Well I agree with president lawn care. As long as I do what my contact says I get paid on time without any problems. So as for me I wish I could do more work with mirror there a good company to do work with
  7. CptNut

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    I've been reading posts on LS for a few weeks trying to learn about ZTR mowers from the pro's and I had to call BS on this guy.

    He registers on this message forum in August and posts only THREE messages, ALL of which occurred on August 19th. All three messages are concerning Mirror Lawn and are positive in nature.

    Sounds like Mirror Lawn is taking a beating in the online publicity department and hired some type of "Reputation Defending" company to try to reverse the tide of negative comments about their business.

    That's all...
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  8. Forever Green Landscaping

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    If I could find a number to call and speak to someone who could help me. I tried to at one point and ended up going through tele prompts for a good length of time
  9. vwovw

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    They have contacted me. I did a days worth of work so far. Now they want me to sweep the lowes parking lot.:clapping: hell ya I'm in... Why not they said it pays $30 for the whole lot. Bahahahahahaha:cool2:
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  10. vwovw

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    Lol. Haven't sign a thing. Plus in the job scope it says blow to one side then sweep up. I 'm not doing it anyways. I said for 60 a pop I'll pick up trash in lot. And after reading all the crap that is going on I'll pass on everything they want me to do.
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