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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Forever Green Landscaping, Jun 24, 2011.

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    ANy of you guys know if Mirror Lawn is buying LCO's in your areas. They have bought two for sure and possibly a third one here. They are not changing the names of companies that they have bought though. Still operating under their names and trucks. I guess it would void any contracts held by the companies that they purchased.
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    If I were you, I'd be there IN PERSON to get my money. Take a few of your pals with you. Tell 'em a few days ahead of time not to shave, and make sure you all go in with a scowl on your face. Your mentality needs to be that YOU now own their management company. Once your in, give 'em hell.
    I've had to collect in person like this from deadbeat clients -- four times. The good news is that I always left the SAME DAY with what was owed to me. Don't put up with their crap, or they'll continue to smear it all over you.
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    They went to court and got paid.
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    jeffthetruck6@yahoo.comWe are searching for any individuals who have been ripped off by Mirror Lawn. We are filing complaints with all the local authorities, hoping they will investigate the problem and do something about it. We have also contacted the corporate
    offices and filed complaints with them. These big stores need to know that the contractors they hire don't pay their subs.
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    Mirrors owners are not us citizens as far as I know they are Egyptian.
    I would like to give advice and I really hope all of you will listen to me I have been around 25 years and have seen it all but here is my advice: if you do not know any contractor personally or someone you know cannot vouch for them DO NOT TAKE SUB WORK! There is plenty of work and plenty of large general contractors to work for but remember if they file bankruptcy even if you have been paid you may have to give money back. If **** can happen it will! I have done things to get my money years ago that were definately not legal but worked.
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    I got beat for $400 from one of these companies back in 2006 it was a cheap lesson Iv never done work for one of these "management companies" since. The company has since changed it's name because of their rep but they still try to get us to bid on 3-5 of these box stores every year. They really are dense the concept that if you rip someone off you shouldn't expect them to work for you again doesn't seem to click. And they keep faxing their bs bids to us and everyone else in the area every time they con a new company to let them handle the lawn care for them. They always do the same thing the bid needs to be in 2-3 days for a major account 10-50k a year. Then if you complain they will say ohh you can take 2 weeks LOL. Then comes the silly requirements of the contract. Some will include pictures from every angle. Or in the case of one they required you to notify the store manager every time you showed up then go back and have them sign for the work you could wait 10-30 mins each time for that. Then that has to be submitted to the management company with in like 8 hours or they quote won't pay. It's completely insane and of course they expect you to sign their contract not the other way around only they do not honor their own contract. I gave them twice required notice that one time I did this to cancel it and iv yet to see my $400 still owed me. They say it had to be in writing they say it couldn't be done by fax funny you can sign the contract and fax it but now when you cancel it that isn't good enough. Stay away from any of these perhaps they will die off and the stores can then contract you directly which is a better way to do business anyways.
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    i have never had to deal with this since i started billing @ the start of the month for the month, you dont pay by the 4th no service!
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    Thanks for the replies. If you go onto google and type in Mirror Lawn Turf Doctor, Inc., this complaint page is now the first one that appears under their name. I'm referring everyone to this page in all the complaints that I'm filing, so any additional information that any of you can supply about this company would be beneficial. Some of you have mentioned that they have changed company names or bought out other companies and kept the names of those companies. If you could supply the names of those businesses and the states that they operated in, it would help in tracking down their MO.jeffthetruck6@yahoo.com
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    Are you referring to contractors in general, or do you do business with Mirror Lawn?
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    These are predatory management companies hired to save money for the big box stores. They reap a percentage of thr savings by making the paperwork requirements so difficult that most guys will give up on collection
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