Warning: Snapper Pro W/B

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mikes Lawn Landscape, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. Mikes Lawn Landscape

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    Just wanted to make you guys aware of a situation that occurred the other day. We use a Snapper Pro 36" Hydro, the traction spring part # 7-2579 broke and my employee had no control over the mower when it broke. Basically when the spring broke you no longer have control of the handle the right handle remained in position in our case reverse he had to abandon the mower before it ran over him.

    The spring works to pull the handle back into the forward position which is what you expect when the handle doesn't go back where it belongs it can make for a scary suprise.
  2. Up North

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    Holy crap...that could be a serious deal. Have you contacted Snapper about it yet? If not, I sure would. Glad it turned out the way it as nobody got hurt but it could have been nasty. Good luck with getting it rectified.

  3. Joel B.

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    Just let go of the safety bar and the machine will shut off.
  4. PaulJ

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    If all the safeties are working.

    Had the same thing happen a few times at the old job. happened to a gal once and the mower was just going in circles and she's tiring to reach the switch to shut it off each time around.

    The thing to do in these situations is DON'T PANIC. tell that to your employees too. You still can control the mower you just don't have a spring helping you move the lever back to neutral. Just drive it like the levers on a rider.
    BTY the same thing can happen to pistol grips also. same type off system just different shaped levers.

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